Aquarius' Personality

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Aquarius Personality 

Your Positive qualities

Thoughtful, analytical, creative.

Your Negative qualities

Difficult to understand, may analyse too much.

Aquarius Personality Profile and Characteristics

Aquarius could be called great analyzer. Aquarius analyzes everything, and that means everything. Often times they get so tied up in these analytical tangles that they may forget other priorities that need to be taken care of. But Aquarius is not one of those signs that jump before looking. Aquarius will think it through and no one can push them to go any faster.

Aquarius is the best form of 'free thinker' there is. They have a mind that is open to any idea. Sometimes, of course, this multiplicity of ideas can jam their mind up into inaction. Aquarius is probably more misunderstood than anyone else in the zodiac. This goes with the sheer brilliance of the Aquarius's mind. 

Aquarius tries to be as unbiased as possible which makes some others resentful since they believe that Aquarius should be on their side. But Aquarius believes that they have a higher purpose in this world than to take sides in any conflicts. They consider themselves a demi-god of sorts and believe that great responsibility rests on their shoulders. They want to do all they can for humanity.

Aquarius is humble and unassuming, notwithstanding their brilliance and wisdom. This puts Aquarius in a position of great advantage; there is a lot of intelligent people on earth who don't get anywhere because they don't know how to be personable and reasonable about their intellect when talking with less gifted people. Aquarius would do exceedingly well in politics given their natural charm, razor-sharp intellect, and amazing people skills.

Aquarius is independent and won't be under anyone's control. This free-thinking may put them at odds with their boss or other authority figures. But chances are, they will end up being an authority figure themselves, given their level of brilliance.

Aquarius loves theatre and drama. They are either avid moviegoers or they may even be working in some field connected to movies and other visual arts. And they will do well in this field.

Aquarius has an unusual liking for fragrances and perfumes. If you set them loose in a perfume store, you can get anything that their wallet will be empty by the time they come out of there. 

Aquarius are excellent judges of people. It is based more on instinct and intuition than any kind of rational reasoning. But if your Aquarius friend says 'watch out, that guy is weird', pay attention, they are probably right and you will be well advised to follow their advice.

Aquarius is the best kind of friend anyone could ask for. They are incredibly loyal, and protective of their friends, they won't let anyone say anything negative about their friends, even if it were true. They are always willing to lend their last dollar to their friends. And you cannot ask for a better shoulder to cry on. Aquarius's natural love for others knows no bounds, they will literally kiss away your tears and pat your back and listen to your story until you feel better.

Aquarius has an amazing degree of patience. This is based largely on their deep understanding of other human beings and his sympathy for them. Some people may read this as weak-willed and try to push their luck or take advantage of Aquarius. Aquarius would be well advised to steer clear of such individuals who seek to take advantage of everything.

Aquarius can be clear-minded where all of us mortals are confused, and by the same token, they may be totally confused by minor things that most of us don't even consider worth a thought. 

Aquarius may get laughed at quite a bit because they tend to create their own path, and do things that are unconventional and bold, they are not fools by any means, but they will step out where angels fear to tread. Those who know them are in awe of them, while also mocking Aquarius's unconventional life. Aquarius believes in living life to the hilt, they believe in the dictum that 'a ship at the port may be safe, but that is not what ships are for'.

Aquariuses generally tend to shy away from so-called conservative viewpoints, they tend to be on the side of whoever wants to change things. This could be a change for the worse or a change for the better. But Aquarius always represents what is new, and what lays in the future. They refuse to go backwards, they want to be always marching forward and they want to carry the world forward into the future.

Their humanity and kindness are often exploited and taken advantage of. There will be many who want to borrow money and other things from Aquarius. And there is generally no chance of getting any of these favours repaid. Luckily Aquariuses will also have many loyal friends who will stand by them in the hour of need. Aquarius would be well advised to be very selective when picking friends and avoid those natural leeches who are looking for someone to take advantage of.

Some Aquariuses have low self-confidence, which they cleverly hide. Aquarius needs to understand that he or she is intellectually miles ahead of the rest of the crowd, and any problems they are facing are all solvable. Aquarius is the master of the world of thought. Once these thoughts can be linked to the world of action, Aquarius will be ready to take over the world!  Maybe every time you get a great idea or thought, write it on a big piece of paper and pin it to your door and do not take it down until you have acted on that idea. You should even consider having a permanent 'action book' on your desktop, where you write every plan that ever pops up in your mind, and does not rest until you make it happen. And go through that book every weekend to check for any un-finished plans. This is the best way to connect your jet-powered super-brain to the real world.

Aquarius is extremely generous. All those charities will be lining up at Aquarius's door, trying to get a dime or two. And not surprisingly, Aquarius makes great fundraisers. Their natural charm and people skills, plus their empathy for people would make Ebenezer Scrooge himself cough up some money.

The best advice one can give Aquarius is to make sure that no matter how many hundreds of streams of thought are crowding into his mind, they need to decide what is most important to them, and they should focus on that. It is vitally important not to let the analysis totally paralyse their ability to act decisively. Once Aquarius has mastered the art of creating a single action out of hundreds of conflicting thoughts, they have in their hands the keys to their life.  Conflicting thoughts are not your fault, it is just a sign of the superiority of your intellect.

The Aquarius Man's characteristics

The Aquarius man is a man of ideas. There are more ideas swimming around in his head at any given moment than all of us put together. He may not be very practical with these ideas though. 99% of these ideas are usually wasted with zero action taken to make them bear fruit. If someone could design a machine that could extract all the ideas inside the Aquarian's mind, and give them to others who would act on these ideas, the world would probably fast-forward into the year 3000!

It is not easy being an Aquarius! For starters, he is thinking about everything all the time, and analyzing and re-analyzing, and then questioning those analytical reports in his brain. It is easy for Aquarius to be side-tracked and lose track of his original plan. So if Aquarius is planning to save the world, someone better stand there and make sure he is not distracted by something on TV! His continuous stream of thought, or rather the turbulent waves of thought coming from his mind can solve many problems, but at the same time, this process of rethinking everything has the potential to derail all the plans including his own.

Aquarius would be well advised to have a bulletin board nailed to his office wall, where he can list his objectives for the day or the week, so that he can keep track of what he is actually accomplishing, aside from spinning his mental wheels in the sand.

Aquarius lives life by his own rules, they march to the beat of his own drum, they will not be led by anyone else other than them. Once he succeeds in mastering the art of doing things according to a schedule or a timeline, the sky is the limit as to how far he will go.

The Aquarius Woman's characteristics

If you have ever wondered what an enchantress looks like and sounds like and feels like, look no further, it is the Aquarius woman whom you seek. But before you get swept away by the magic, make sure you have your seatbelts fastened. While the Aquarius can be more fun than a barrel of monkeys and more magical than Peter Pan's Neverland, they are also a pain to deal with. But once you get to know your Aquarius and understand her likes and dislikes and her somewhat tortuous thought processes, you have found yourself one of the best women on the Zodiac. With her, you can climb to the top of the rainbow, and that is no exaggeration. You can also fall flat on your behind when you notice how slippery the rainbow is.

Aquarius woman wants to do the most good for humanity. They want to make a difference to this world, and the motive is usually not money or fame. They genuinely care about other human beings and they care about humanity as a whole.

The Aquarius woman's charm and magic make her a great spokesperson for companies and organizations. They would do great as fund-raisers for charities.

The Aquarius woman is independent and will create her own destiny. She is unlikely to follow the beaten path. She will be the one who makes news with her unconventional adventures and achievements.

Her friends, both male and female generally are all in love with her and see her the way most of us see a movie star or celebrity.

The Aquarius Child

The Aquarius child begins to display their genius at a very early age. He or she tends to be full of new ideas. Encourage these ideas, help research and polish those ideas, and help your child carry to fulfilment those ideas that seem sensible and safe.

Aquarius will rebel if you mishandle the situation. Let your child know that you are totally on their side, and unconditionally so. That should be the founding stone of the relationship. From that vantage point, you can guide him or her, and they will listen to your advice and suggestions and may even follow them.

Do not start a confrontational approach with your Aquarius child. Aquarius is a child of destiny, and you cannot wrestle with destiny and win.

Try your best to maintain a calm and serene atmosphere at home, Aquarius has the talent and the intelligence to achieve anything. Your job is to provide ground support while allowing Aquarius to gradually assume more and more responsibilities.

The Aquarius Child 

How to turn on and seduce an Aquarius

The golden rule is: Go slow. Tread softly and you will go far. If you have ever hunted deer, you know how that goes. Just about anything can startle them and the next thing you know, all your efforts are wasted and they are a hundred miles away in a flash!

Aquarius cannot stand narrow-minded bigots. So if you are one, just forget it, they won't give you the time of the day.

Freedom means much to the Aquarius. Show them that you will not step on their freedom. At the same time, there is a deep and almost primitive urge in Aquarius to totally belong to someone, to willingly give up that freedom. But that does not happen easily. Aquarius is very picky, and on top of that, they are very elusive. So if you are hunting Aquarius, be forewarned, they are elusive and there is a fair chance you will go home empty-handed.

Do not criticise their lifestyle choices. But show them that no matter what their lifestyle is, you are there for her.

Aquarius is faithful, and they expect the same of you. There will be many competitors in the field, do not blow your chances by having any childish fits of jealousy.

Aquarius has his or her own oddities. Don't try to fix it or remedy it, accept it and live with it if you want them.

Show him or her that you are not just a wonderful lover, you are also a dependable and solid friend, and they want to know that no matter how things go romantically, the friendship will survive.

How to win an Aquarius's lasting love

There is no magic formula to win the Aquarius's heart. Trying to capture the Aquarius's love may be as big of a mission as trying to capture a unicorn. And they are just as unique and special, in addition to being a tad odd!

Be prepared for and capable of long long conversations. If you don't enjoy these conversations, do not pretend that you do. Move on, and there is a lot of others in the line ! Aquarius has a mind that is more active than the processor on your computer. They are always thinking, always analyzing. Something that may be simple to you may represent a complex dilemma to them. So be patient, be willing to enter into long conversations with Aquarius, show them that you have a working brain, that you know how to intelligently discuss things.

Aquarius needs an emotionally, intellectually and physically stimulating relationship. Aquarius wants a partner with both looks and brains, and the maturity to match.

Do not get on Aquarius's nerves (but they will surely get on yours !). Be understanding, be willing to change gears frequently, and in this case, the gears don't shift automatically, you have to do it manually!

Aquarius can give you a lot of emotional support, but don't use that to drain him or her. Aquarius expects that their lover will be capable of taking care of themselves, and in addition to that will be someone on whom they can lean.

Show them that by picking you, they get all they want without losing anything that they have right now. Reassure them that you will not mess up their current friendships and social life and that you won't try to impose your ideas on them. They are open to your ideas but they expect you to debate those intelligently and be willing to accept new ideas.

They need someone who can really sweep them off their feet while allowing them to keep their feet firmly planted in the world that they are used to. Yes, that sounds contradictory, but that is how Aquarius is. If you want your Aquarius, you will have to work really hard to get them, and that is probably the understatement of the year! But then, they are worth it!

Aquarius and Sex and Relationships

Aquarius is unique in that he or she can be incredibly sexy, yet totally faithful to the partner. They may seem flirty, but don't let the verbal or nonverbal communications make you think that they may be straying. They are faithful, so don't jump to conclusions simply because they smiled at someone.

Aquarius has very deep and sometimes downright steamy fantasies. Not the typical woman that your mother thought you would find! Some of their fantasies may be so naughty it may take your breath away! So if you have any serious heart conditions, maybe you need a checkup before you enter an Aquarius's bedroom!

Aquarius loves a lover who gets pleasure from giving pleasure, without making a lot of demands.  So do not go into the bedroom with the attitude of 'I will do that for you if you will do this for me'. Be willing to lose yourself in the ocean that is Aquarius.. and enjoy it. Find pleasure in their pleasure, forget about what you are used to doing. This one is different.  You have found the human equivalent of a love-god or love-goddess.. so make yourself worthy of the privilege.. and amazing times lay ahead! With Aquarius in your arms, you will discover that Nirvana is at hand...

Your Aquarius partner may want to do something totally wild, or something that you may perceive as wild and reckless. They may want to engage in role-playing that may make you blush.

Aquarius is like a fifteen thousand dollar guitar.. whether you can get sweet music out of it depends entirely on your skill. So tone up those skills, and the rewards will knock your socks off!

Aquarius Best Matches

Gemini, Libra

The Aquarius Boss

The Aquarius boss cannot be fooled. Don't be deceived by their niceness and smiles. They can smell any kind of crookedness a mile away. So if you are surfing on youtube while you are supposed to be cross-checking last month's accounts, they will find out. And when they do, you are fried and fired!

If you have an Aquarius boss, the best policy is, to be honest, and upfront with everything. If you do not know the difference between left and right, tell them so from the beginning itself, and Aquarius will do their best to help you out. Do not conceal incompetence, instead, ask for more training.

Aquarius business leaders can think through the issues at hand, and look at all aspects of the problem before making a decision. Not everyone will agree with them, but Aquarius intuitively knows what exactly to do. Aquarius does have a tendency to procrastinate at times, and to sweep things under the carpet, to be taken care of 'later'. And next thing you know, the company has hundreds of carpets all bulging with unsolved problems.

So concentrate on taking care of today's issues today, do not postpone anything for tomorrow.

The  Aquarius Worker

The Aquarius employee is imaginative and creative. They are also very sensitive to criticism. So if you give them a tongue-lashing in front of the other employees, chances are that they will just quit rather than try to make things better. Offer constructive criticism, in a respectful way, and they will go out of his way to ensure the success of your company.

He may dilly-dally a bit with important decisions and analyze away. So in matters such as these, give them a helping hand. But keep in mind, they are delaying not because they are lazy, but because they are thinking about it in a way that few people can. Ask them instead to share their thoughts with you, they may have picked up on some flaws in the deal that everyone else feels is perfect. They will not want to rock the boat, so they may just step aside and let you drive your bulldozer towards the cliff.

If you have a new project that needs truckloads of imagination and creativity, Aquarius is the one you can hand it to. But be sure to keep tabs on progress, because it has the potential to linger on for a very very long time without reaching a final point.

Aquarius and Money

Aquarius is an idea-machine. They think of new ideas more often than anyone else. And the old adage still holds good, that nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

Aquarius may trip up by lack of planning, and a woody-woodpecker like an attitude of 'don't worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will be gone the day after'.  Aquarius has a lot of fantastic and original ideas and the key is to mould all that into a coherent plan of action, in a step by step manner, then find the time and people to implement that plan according to a schedule. Ideally, Aquarius should team up with someone who has organizational skills.

You may think of really creative ideas that could change the world. If possible, try to get those ideas patented. The key here is to remember that a lot of things in life come with an expiry date. So do not wait till that wonderful idea becomes mouldy and useless. Do something with that idea. Talk with a trusted friend or with your spouse. This is one of the reasons that you should not settle for just any life-partner. You are one of the jewels of the zodiac, you need someone who can be a natural ally, someone who can be the proverbial crown on which you the jewel can rest and sparkle away.

Aquarius and Food

You prefer healthy food, you are painfully conscious of all the junk and preservatives that they add to food these days. You are unlikely to be impressed by shiny vegetables which are shining because of a wax coating or 'fresh' salmon that is glowing pink because of artificial colours. You would prefer that someone else do the cooking, even if you would make an excellent cook.

Aquarius Symbol: The Water-bearer

Ruling planet: Saturn              

Lucky element: The water              

Lucky colours: Navy blue and black

Lucky stones: Blue sapphires

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