Aries' Personality

Learn everything you want to know about Aries.
Aries sign personality.

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Aries Positive qualities:

Daring, bold and courageous

Aries Negative qualities:

Selfish, impatient, proud, brutal and jealous.

Aries Personality Profile and Characteristics

Your aggressiveness will take you places and help you achieve a lot; at the same time, it won't do you any good.

Your brilliance enables you to think quickly and make fast decisions, but often these may turn out to be wrong decisions.

You are driven to win and do it at any cost. And you will succeed! But at times you may be playing dirty.

Your flair for the dramatic gets you a lot of attention, but on the flip side, you often tend to cry over nothing.

You are restless and eager to get things done. In your eagerness, you may miss the mark at times.

Generally, you tend to be optimistic, but when you are down, you are really down.

You are highly emotional. This could be an asset if you are in public life or a caring profession. At the same time, this could be your downfall.

You are very ambitious; sometimes, this ambition is more on a mental plane than a physical plane. You are generally very successful in positions of power and responsibility. You may not always get those positions, but when you do, you will outshine everyone else.

You will respond to the needs of the world in a way that no one else can. You won't stand by and watch bad things happen to good people.

You will stick stubbornly to your decisions, whether they are right or wrong, and you will drive it to whatever end. You have tremendous drive, energy and vigour. Others tend to be overwhelmed by your energy.

You are best handled by kindness, patience and tact, and lots of love. This is something that your spouse ought to know!

You are decided and dogmatic in your views, and it is rather hard to bring you over to any new viewpoint.

Your most significant fault lies in your impulsiveness and lack of self-control, and you tend to rush into all kinds of difficulties and dangers. If I were to give you one word of advice that will stand you in good stead for your whole life, it is 'LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP'. Think twice before all major decisions, and you will avoid a lot of painful and expensive 'life lessons'.

The Aries Man's characteristics

Aries people are free-spirited and independent. They have a great pal and total devotion and sympathy form you.  They usually like making their own rules and laws.  They love being in charge of the world.  They lead very active and indeed hectic lives.  They like to lead, and they do not make good followers, they consider themselves born to lead and will accept nothing less.

The Aries Woman's characteristics

Aries women are in a class of their own. They are dominating, and even when they don't mean to, they end up dominating others. Their vibrant and magnetic personality makes it easy for them to do this. She can occasionally be given to violent outbursts of temper, which could potentially turn physical. Guys will find it hard to be the centre of her universe; she is the centre of her universe.

How to turn on and seduce an Aries

Variety is the key. Your Aries lover loves variety. Give him or her lots of variety. Avoid anything boring or repetitive. If you are a salesman, you must be familiar with the demanding customer who wants 100% satisfaction. Well, your Aries lover is one such creature who expects the sun and the moon and the stars! Aries males and females expect the 'full works'! Throw in some thunder and lightning, and Aries will smile on you. Be open to the idea of wild and crazy fantasies. Your Aries lover may be interested in domination or submission. Don't be alarmed by these unusual tastes; they are not sinister by any means.

Be open to the idea of wild and crazy fantasies.

How to win an Aries's lasting love

Be fun. That is what it takes. Aries loves to be courted and talked to. Avoid any ambiguity, be direct and transparent in your intentions. If there is any suspicion of you being a gold-digger, he will leave you in a heartbeat! Aries wants someone who will reciprocate the typical Arian sense of giving and taking. Also, be prepared to chase him or her for a long time before you get results.

Aries and Sex and Relationships

Aries loves inappropriate jokes and inappropriate activities. In addition to the fulfilment of your wild fantasies, you also want mental accomplishment; it is, however, challenging to have both of these. You may have to choose between the peace and security of a committed relationship as opposed to the thrill of perpetual hunts.

Aries Best Matches

Sagittarius, Libra and Leo are your best matches.

The Aries Boss

The Aries boss is very demanding but willing to reward talent and hard work. They attach a lot of importance to loyalty, so if you are thinking of jumping ship, don't expect any bouquets. The Aries Boss thrives on crisis. So help him solve the crisis at hand, and that is the highway to his heart!

The Aries Worker

They don't like someone looking over his shoulder all the time. They are motivated and competent, and they expect you to understand that they are motivated and competent. If you even remotely suggest that they may not be up to a particular task, they are likely to leave the whole thing on your desk and look elsewhere for a more appreciative boss. Their downfall is that they tend to overlook the details, so it won't be a bad idea to have a colleague crosscheck their work to make sure that those little nuts and bolts have not been forgotten. They are always looking for a promotion or a better job title. So be imaginative with your job titles if you want to keep them happy.

Aries and Money

Aries men and women are impatient. Money does not grow on trees. It takes time to make money. Financial success will not happen overnight. The key is not to give up when the millions that you anticipated do not turn up.

Aries and Food

Even though you are health conscious, you could easily slip into the fast-food rut, but as long as you keep that in mind, and don't gobble down too many of those double-quadruple cheeseburgers you will be ok! You are a bit lazy about cooking and would much rather prefer that someone else makes the food for you.

Aries Symbol: The Ram

Ruling planet: Mars        

Lucky element: Fire  

Lucky colours: Red

Lucky stones: Emeralds, Sapphires & Amethysts

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