Cancer's Personality

Learn everything you want to know about Cancer.
Cancer sign personality.

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Cancer Positive qualities:

Intuitive, intelligent, sensitive

Cancer Negative qualities:

Oversensitive, mood swings

Cancer Personality Profile and Characteristics

Cancer is very creative and has many new ideas for making life better, but generally, these ideas tend to be rather disorganized. A good way to get these ideas to bear fruit would be to prioritize the ideas and work on them one idea at a time.

Cancer is naturally intuitive but sometimes takes this to extremes with illogical conclusions based on intuition. Cancer's intuition can be turned into a powerful force of good if approached with a touch of commonsense and a willingness to be proven wrong.

You are a creature of emotions. -you know how to feel other human beings sorrow and sufferings, and you do your best to act on these, and try hard to help others. The tenderheartedness of Cancer may be taken advantage of by some people who see it as a weakness.

The emotional nature of Cancer may also be expressed as a sad and melancholy temperament. This is not a bad thing. This just means that Cancer pays attention to what is happening around them, and takes note of the sadness that is part of life.

Cancer is hard-working by nature but does not know how to convince others how much they are doing. Not everyone knows how to blow their own bugle.

You are good at looking at all angles of a problem or sometimes looking at just one angle of a problem in painstaking detail. Sometimes cancer overacts based on their perception of the problem, which may make things worse. But generally, Cancer's role is constructive, and everyone benefits in the long run as a result of their ideas.

Cancer is charming and can win others over to their way of thinking, but they could also use this skill to manipulate and manoeuvre.

Cancer can also be rather difficult to deal with, especially if the other person does not know what to do when faced with Cancer's viewpoints. Thankfully, Cancer is diplomatic and knows how to get things done without bruising anyone's ego.

Your emotional nature, whereby they are driven by their heart creates problems in everyday life, where they may be required to make decisions based on rational and logical thinking.

Cancer has a sense of fairness, and they will be fair to others and expect the same. They are not a forgiving type of people and will remember forever any wrong done to them. So watch out if you rub a Cancer the wrong way, you better hope you never cross their path again.

Cancer can be a lot of fun if you catch them at the right time. But Cancer's moods can be affected by almost anything, so the fun times may not last very long. This is because Cancer dutifully pays attention to everything that is happening in the surroundings, and they respond to it, unlike some others who are quite insulated from it.

The Cancer Man's characteristics

You are never a show-off. You're conservative in your words and actions. You don't want to be the centre of attention. Cancer wants to get things done, but he isn't hungry to get credit for what he does. You attach more value to the fact that things got done.

You can be rather manipulative to get what you want and can be rather irritable when you don't get your way. While he doesn't mind getting attention, he will not go around looking for attention.

His emotional extremes are his biggest problem, either he is at the top of the world, feeling like a million dollars, or he is totally in the dumps.

The Cancer Woman's characteristics

Rather manipulative, but charming and convincing. A delight to be with, especially if she can get her way all the time. Intuitive and emotional, she is easily offended by real or imagined slights. And she does not forgive easily if you have wronged her. She often feels physically attracted to individuals with whom she is not in love and not emotionally attracted. As emotional thoughts clash with rational arguments in her mind, the outcome is up in the air.

She could love one person for love and be attracted to another person because they are physically attractive. She is as complicated as complicated gets, and men tend to fall insanely in love with this temptress.

How to turn on and seduce a Cancer

Cancer is very sensitive to the possibility of abandonment or rejection. Cancer is extremely sensitive to criticism, no matter how well-intentioned it may be. So if they are walking around with their fly open, you should probably not be the one to point it out to them. Do not attempt to charm a Cancer with bogus praise and flattery, it won't work. Rather, get to know your Cancer, find out something that he or she is doing great at, and compliment them lavishly on that particular topic, that is the best way to their heart.

Cancer will respond well to old fashioned romantic approaches, such as a moonlight walk or a rose. Be attentive and sensitive to their feelings. And let him or her know about your own feelings and emotions, Cancer is drawn to others who wear their hearts on their sleeve, other folks with emotions and passions.

Don't plan on any bedroom action on the first date. You won't get anywhere until you have won their trust totally. And once you win theirtrust, you better work hard to keep it. Cancer never forgives or forgets, so you've only got one chance with Cancer!

How to win a Cancer's lasting love

Be true to him or her. He is not looking for a fly by night affair. He is looking for fulfilment, he is seeking his nirvana. He wants something that is forever, and he wants someone who will be kind to him and understand him totally. Someone who will be tolerant of his moods.

He attaches great importance to the family. He wants someone with whom he can build a future. He is wary of anyone whom he thinks is unreliable It is of great importance to him that the object of his love should be there for him forever, rain or shine.

Cancer expects absolute loyalty and devotion, in addition to being able to understand them totally. If you can do that, you have on your hands the most wonderful spouse in the world!

Cancer and Sex and Relationships

Cancer is very conservative when it comes to expressing sexual feelings or thoughts. The partner needs to be very considerate of this, don't expect Cancer to jump up and participate in your BDSM fantasies. Cancer wants sweet, gentle lovemaking, so if the partner is thinking of some action over in the car, it may not work out well.

Perfumes are a Cancer's weak point, so work that angle! Romantic, relaxed surroundings go a long way in getting the Cancer out of their shell and getting them in the mood. And get yourself a big huge book on foreplay!

Cancer Best Matches

Pisces and Scorpio

The Cancer Boss

The Cancer boss can be very tough and a bit rough to work with. They expect hard work and lots of it, and will not accept any excuses. Either give it your best or get out, that pretty much summarizes it. They won't tolerate any kind of monkey business while you are under their command. At the same time, they are fair, and you can be sure that if you have been treated unfairly, and you bring it to their notice they will do what they can to remedy it.

The Cancer boss can be tough.

They won't forget any goof-ups you make, so if you are one of those guys who is confused between left and right or have problems adding and subtracting, you better get all those problems taken care of before you start working for a Cancer boss.

The Cancer Worker

The Cancer worker is reliable and responsible. They take their responsibilities very seriously and will do what is entrusted to them. They are punctual, and dependable. At the same time, he has a low tolerance for any kind of humiliation or demeaning behaviour from the management, they would rather quit and lose their job rather than work at a place that does not respect them. Show them that you appreciate what they do and let them know. You have a good worker in them, so hang on to them!

The Cancer Child

The Cancer child tends to be moody and emotional. They may not have a lot of friends, and in fact, they may make up friends that don't exist. What they need from you is a lot of love and a lot of understanding, and a clear assurance that you are always there for them. Go with your instinct and your heart.

Cancer and Money

Cancer's emotional side can create problems with making logical and intelligent decisions in business, especially when the cold hard money side of business clashes with Cancer's deep ethical convictions. Cancer is generous to causes that they believe in.

Cancer and Food

Cancer's food tastes are generally traditional. They are unlikely to want to experiment with rocky mountain oysters or other bizarre foods. When it comes to food, you have both feet on the ground.

Cancer Symbol: The Crab

Ruling planet: The Moon     

Lucky element: Water            

Lucky colours: Silver, glistening white and all shimmering colors

Lucky stones: Pearl, Moonstone

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