Gemini's Personality

Learn everything you want to know about Gemini.
Gemini sign personality.

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Your positive qualities:

Flexibility, adaptability, innovativeness, confidence

Your negative attributes:

Mood swings and inconsistency, unpredictable, selfish at times

Gemini Personality Profile and Characteristics

You are a charmer, with what can be described as a hypnotic personality. Your charisma shines through even in adverse circumstances. But sometimes you may use this charm to convince others of facts that may not be true.

You are very intelligent and analytical, but on the flip side, you may be critical of others, and even if you mean well, this may end up rubbing others the wrong way. Try to accept the simple truth that people are different and not everyone sees your point of view, brilliant as it may be.

You are passionate about what you believe in. Still, sometimes this enthusiasm may blind you to ground realities, so it is always a good idea to sit down and think about the problem from all angles before starting your plan of action.

You are very imaginative, and you do love building castles in the air. Just don't forget to put a foundation for those castles. Your imagination if turned to the literary field, could yield rich dividends.

You love to learn new things, and it is typical of Gemini to take up an entirely new career or hobby even late in life, and also excel at it.

You are a person of many talents, and you may have a simultaneous interest or passion in two or more unrelated fields.

You are gifted with the power of insight. And you know how to express it fluently. This makes you a powerful performer in public life. You will do well in any field that involves meeting with and influencing people. You will more than influence them; you are likely to turn them into life-long fans. Just be careful not to bulldoze over their wishes with your ideas.

You are a great communicator. You are rather given to exaggerations and confabulations also, even though you don't mean to hurt anyone with those fish stories.

You may easily lose interest in some activity that you have been passionately pursuing and then move on to another idea just as fast. It would be good to cultivate the habit of perseverance and not to change track too often.

You are incredibly generous when it concerns someone whom you love.

There is nothing underhanded about you. You like to fight in the open. You dislike trickiness and double-dealing and deceit.

Your ruling planet, Mercury indicates brilliance and adaptability in life.

You are materialistic and decidedly practical in your views of life. 

You may change your occupation or interests frequently, which may or may not be a good thing.

You are rather hard to understand, as far as the rest of the world is concerned. But that is their problem, not yours.

Your temper is often a source of trouble, even though it never lasts very long.

Generally, you think of yourself; first, it is not your fault; it is just the way God created Gemini!

You are a very delightful and interesting person to be with.

The Gemini Man's characteristics

Gemini males have the curious power of dominating others. They have great power of endurance, both physical and mental. 

Geminis have a great ability to commit information to memory from books.

Geminis are very successful in literacy work. They love pleasure and society too much to make the best use of their gift.

They forgive at the slightest show of feeling of kindness. They are excellent directors. Their surroundings easily influence them.

Gemini people have an innate sense of harmony, the most faithful loyal friends. 

Their jealousy often drives them into acts of violence or sudden exhibition of temper.

The Gemini Woman's characteristics

Gemini girls have a great taste regarding food and in the management of their houses.  They can make much out of little.

They always decide all essential questions when they are alone.  Sometimes get confused and often imagine other people's thoughts and ideas or their own.

As leaders in any cause, they inspire love and devotion. Gemini girls have great responsibility forced upon them.  They always dress well and look well. 

How to turn on and seduce a Gemini

Expect the unexpected and be ready to handle it. Gemini may change her or his mind at the drop of a hat. So have a backup plan in case he/she doesn't like the football game you wanted to take him/her to. And have a backup plan to your backup plan.. you get my drift!

Gemini is very sensitive. So think twice before you open your mouth and compare him to your one-legged uncle.

Gemini may take offence easily. And they may not express their feelings clearly. And their feelings may change in a few hours. So be prepared to go with the flow and adjust your sails according to which way the wind is blowing.

Gemini does not like depressing people. They want partners who can make them laugh and are lighthearted like them. Be persistent, but be prepared to change your plan of action at any time.

Be persistent, but be prepared to change your plan of action at any time.

How to win a Gemini's lasting love

Show Gemini that you are always there for her, even if she changes her mind a hundred times. Don't let her feel that you are dull and fixed in your ways. Show her that you are open to all kinds of new ideas and would move to the moon with her if she so wanted. Be forgiving, even if she breaks the flowerpot on your head. She expects you to read her everchanging mind, so if you have any mindreading skills, you are all set to win! She hopes to take more than she gives; it is not her fault; it is just the way Geminis are!

Gemini and Sex and Relationships

Remember, for Gemini, sex is 50% talk! Talk while you make love to him. Talk about fantasies. Find out what his secret fantasies are, and build little stories out of those. Tell him what a 24 karat stud he is! Praise him to the skies, and he will respond to your every wish. Don't be shy about talking dirty to the Geminian. He or she loves it, even if there may not be any reciprocal gestures. To summarize, sex has to be entertaining enough for the Gemini to be satisfied. A plain old fashioned bang-bang-bang won't get you anywhere.

Gemini Best Matches

Libra and Aquarius

The Gemini Boss

The Gemini boss is inspirational. He is convincing. He makes the workers feel that he is the Messiah. And most of all, he hates the bureaucrats and bean counters who make life (and work) miserable. He is the 'workers boss'. His strongest point is that he knows how to put his ideas across, and with the Gemini boss, there is no shortage of ideas!

The Gemini Worker

The Gemini worker is like the elf who will work all night and fix up those thousand pairs of shoes while you snore away. The Gemini worker is resourceful, quick and nimble on his feet. He could be irritating as he jumps from idea to idea, and also comes up with weird ideas that while bright maybe a little bit too advanced for the times and may not be socially so acceptable as Gemini believes them to be.

Gemini and Money

You will think of new and brilliant ideas on how to make money. The Gemini genius's biggest failing is that she does not stick to any one idea long enough to see it through. Thoughts are like seeds you plant in the field. It takes time for them to grow into plants and yield something. Gemini wants to plant the seeds today morning and harvest the field by evening. This does not always work out. Gemini has natural selling abilities. You will be able to sell the proverbial snow to the Eskimos (or sand to the Saudis !). Educate yourself about the field that you are dabbling in so much

Gemini and Food

Your tastes in food keep changing. What you would love is an international food festival with a hundred stalls! You may also have some unusual food fetishes. Overall, you know how to enjoy food.

Gemini Symbol: The Twins     

Gemini Ruling Planet: The Mercury             

Gemini Lucky element: Water          

Lucky colours: Shades of blue and white

Lucky stones: Aquamarine

"Madam Lenormand: The Fortune Teller" "Minchiate Tarot"