Leo's Personality

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Leo sign personality.

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Your Positive qualities:

Generous, brave, loyal, born leader.

Your Negative qualities:

Spendthrift, bossy, arrogant and vain.

Leo Personality Profile and Characteristics

Leos are authoritative, this can be good and bad. Whatever they say, they say it with authority and conviction, and this convinces people. They may come to believe that they are the ultimate source of wisdom on the planet, which may not work out well with others.

A Leo loves to lead, indeed, in any crowd, they will jump forward and offer to lead, or rather, just start to lead and others will follow. Leo radiates a kind of confidence and cockiness that attracts followers. It also causes resentment when others are not so sure of Leo's abilities or wisdom, and they may read it as a disproportionate level of confidence and ambition.

Leos favour the frontal attack. They see the target and just go after it. Leos would rather use the hammer and dynamite approach rather than a stealthy, cautious approach. This may work sometimes, but not always, and Leo does not take failure very well.

Leo is extravagant with money. This may be acceptable if they have a large bank balance, but the headstrong approach along with a less than huge bank balance can lead to financial disaster.

They are excitable and energetic and know how to energize people. Others are easily influenced by the sheer energy radiated by a Leo, and even if they aren't very happy about their pushy ways, they somehow sense that they are following a winner. However, Leo may not know when to shift into a lower gear and calm down when the situation changes.

Leo has a flair for the dramatic and flaunts their opinions on all kinds of forums. This may not always be appropriate. Leo would be well advised to do everything in moderation and to remember that there are other people besides them on this planet.

Leos are highly organized, like all good leaders. Companies and corporations find this competence, organizational skills and turbo-charged energy an irresistible combination, and as a consequence, Leos rise up the ranks of most organizations. And they are not easy to ignore. Their confidence and loud style, coupled with their abilities make them sheer dynamite.

Leo knows how to persist in their efforts, how to dig in and hold out till they achieve the results they want. Leo will face anything without fear. Indeed, Leo will stumble into areas where angels fear to tread. This recklessness sometimes pays off, and Leo comes off as a big-time hero. But these tactics can easily backfire with serious consequences for Leo.

They look at one angle of the problem think of a quick solution and start acting on it. They may not see the whole problem. In other words, they often forget the rest of the iceberg while trying to get rid of the tip. Leo would be well advised to slow down, take a deep breath and think about all sides of the problem at hand.

Leo is incredibly organized. Others may be intimidated or overawed by the sheer extent of Leo's organizational skills. Leo would be well advised to temper their leadership skills with a little bit of sweetness and pleasantness.

Leo is honest about his or her intentions, which may be something as simple as getting something off the top shelf at Walmart or getting the million-dollar contract. They, however, don't stop to think about tactics, they rush at the goal. This may work with soccer, but may not always work in life.

They are generous with others. Small-mindedness and stinginess and underhandedness are not things that Leo goes for. Others may take advantage of your generosity and big-heartedness.

Leo accomplishes a lot in life but brags a lot about it to everyone. This creates enemies and provokes the envy and resentment of others. It would be wise to make things less high profile. Remember, tread softly and you will go far.

Leo is full of contradictions. For example, they love the security and stability of family life, but at the same time, they are itching for an adventure.

Leos will face unusual ups and downs in their early life. And it takes all of their hard work to stay ahead. People born under the Leo sign often reach very high positions in life.

Notwithstanding all the bravado, Leo needs a lot of encouragement and appreciation

Leo has a deep love for what they call "their own" people.

Leo needs a lot of encouragement and appreciation.

Leo Man's characteristics

You are given to leadership. You are bold and daring. Along with this you also have a trusting nature, you take others at face value, which may or may not be wise.

You need action and excitement, it is like oxygen for you. The sofa and TV life is just not for you.

You have a magnetic personality that draws people to you, men and women alike. And they are likely to do for you what you want, thanks to your charisma and charm.

The Leo man has a deeply affectionate disposition and is wrongly considered cold and un-emotional.  They usually go through a great deal of suffering in life despite all of their talents and good intentions. Often they will have to beat a retreat before recouping and trying again.

The Leo man has a great strength of character and personality. It would be accurate to say that they bring sunshine into the lives of others.

The Leo man gets great pleasure from public ceremonies and meetings of all kinds. They are very eloquent and can easily impress others in debates and meetings.

The Leo Woman's characteristics

Your beauty and elegance, plus the way you carry yourself fascinate others. You will notice others sneaking looks at you, wondering at your elegance.

You are the kind of woman whom no one can ignore, even if they wanted to. You also tend to be rather flirty, even though it may not be very obvious.

You want a lot of action in your life, what you want to avoid most is boredom. You are a natural world-traveller, and you will make friends and fans wherever you go, and they will never forget you.

Leo woman should avoid marrying early in life, since it may turn out to be the wrong choice quite easily. It is best to wait till they are at a point in life where they know what exactly they want and who.

The Leo woman is a natural leader, her decisiveness combined with her power of expression makes people gravitate to her. Her mind is overflowing with new ideas and clever solutions to every imaginable problem.

How to turn on and seduce a Leo

Leo loves to live life big. It is hard to impress Leo with a little rose or a date at McDonald's. If you really want to conquer your Leo, you may need to set aside a big wad of cash for 'Operation Leo'. The dates better be grand enough that your Leo will talk about it to their friends later. "OMG, he took me on a helicopter ride over Manhattan, wow, he or she makes me feel like a queen/king!". Well not everyone can afford helicopter rides over New York City, but you get my drift.

Forget about using coupons or that inexpensive corner restaurant where you used to take that girl next door. Look in the yellow pages and find one of those restaurants that they advertise on in-flight magazines. That should impress them. Don't let them find out that you don't know how to use a credit card in a restaurant!

Remember to dress well and look like the best dressed in the world. It is important to them that the future is linked to someone who is successful, who looks successful and who can be expected to continue to be successful. Don't give the impression of being naive or inexperienced or dumb; you will be fired faster than a Saturn rocket!

How to win Leo's lasting love

Convince them that you are a winner, and that with you they can win, and that together you are a winning combination that will take you to greater heights than ever. Show them that you are generous and will pamper them with all kinds of expensive goodies.

Remember, once you fall off the pedestal, there is no going back. So be the superstar that they want and everything will be OK. Leo needs to be treated as the king of the world, and they won't accept anything less. As long as you keep that in mind, you have figured out the royal road to their heart.

Leo and Sex and Relationships

Leo is a little bit of a taker instead of a giver when it comes to the good stuff. If you really want your Love to crave your presence, give them everything that they want without expecting them to reciprocate. They expect the 'works', and that too the 'deluxe version', the one that comes with five stars. Praise them as much as possible without going overboard. Leo likes playing out fantasies. Find out what their secret fantasies are, and make them come true. Remember, they have the right to pleasure, you have the duty to offer it up! If you want to please your Leo and take them to the stars, don't think too much of what you want, keep your mind and body focussed on what your Leo wants!

Leo Best Matches

Aries and Sagittarius.

The Leo Boss

Leo bosses are looking for employees who will follow every order, and not just follow, but follow with enthusiasm. Don't expect to be given a lot of credit, the boss likes to take credit for anything good that happens. It is kind of like 'who built the Taj Mahal?' and Google will tell you that Emperor Shah Jehan built it. But no one knows the name of the architect or the countless workers who built it, everyone knows that Emperors don't know anything about the construction business! But he is the boss who paid for it, and he takes the credit for it.

They will pay you well for your efforts, it won't be too difficult to get a raise from them if you have been working hard. Your Leo boss wants hard work and results and is willing to pay handsomely for it and reward you for it. But they are unlikely to let you share the limelight, and don't expect to see your name anywhere on the final product!

The Leo Worker

The Leo worker is waiting for his promotion. They work well but want more. They want more money, more recognition, more visibility. They don't like being an invisible cog in the wheels of the company. Give them that recognition, give them a title if possible and watch them work wonders. Leo can sometimes slack off a bit, and may need some gentle reminding that the economy is not doing that good!

The Leo Child

Your Leo child will be the life of the party, the kid that all the other kids want to be friends with. They may finish off their weekly allowance all in one day. Teach them fiscal responsibility early in life. They love to be up and doing all kinds of things and talking to everyone, so you may need to put your foot down and make sure that they take care of their schoolwork diligently before working on that new plan to impress their friends. Teach them early that the world may not always wait on them and humour them. They are good kids, just needs to be reminded that the sun does not revolve around him.

Leo and Money

You are a spendthrift, and you know it. You need to be making lots and lots of money because your pockets have lots of holes in them. Either that or your better keep an eye on the expenses. You can easily run the bank account into the ground, without realizing that all those 99 cents can add up very quickly to a few thousand dollars.

Leo and Food

Leo loves fancy and expensive gourmet preparations. What you would love is an all-expenses-paid trip Mediterranean cruise where you get to eat all the wonderful food you can find...  Others will try to mimic your food choices.

Leo Symbol: The Lion

Ruling planet: The Sun        

Lucky element:  Fire            

Lucky colours:  Gold

Lucky stones: Amber

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