Libra's Personality

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Libra sign personality.
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Your Positive qualities:

Balanced, charming, thoughtful

Your Negative qualities:

Indecisive, flirty, too laidback

Libra Personality Profile and Characteristics

Libra is the charmer, the persuader, his or her magnetic personality can get almost anyone to do anything. If you want to send someone to create peace Libra is the one to do that.

Libra has mastered the art of diplomacy and uses his words and his intellect with the dexterity of a grandmaster.

Libras like to have a balance in life. They don't favour rapid changes. They want the comfort of the old and established order. This does not mean that they are closed to new ideas, it just means that they want things to stay balanced and stable while advancing into what is new.

They like life to go smooth and easy. They may sometimes be blamed for lack of initiative, but that is not always true. Libras just like to enjoy life and there is nothing wrong with it.

A Libra has a strong sense of fairness and justice, but often the value system he or she follows may be a self-declared one as opposed to one followed by society as a whole.

Libras are creative. They will think of solutions that no one else can come up with.

Libra wants to maintain peace and quiet and will go to any extent to achieve it, including compromises that may not be wise in the long run.

They are affectionate and loving. Life with them is peaceful and low-intensity, something that many of us envy. These days there are a lot of homes that have zero peace inside, and the person with the Libra partner is unusually lucky because they get to enjoy peace and quiet.

Libra's sense of justice makes them look at both sides of the picture before making any decisions. This can manifest as some degree of indecisiveness while they try to weigh all the options and consider all the pros and cons.

Libra is not generally in favour of new changes, at least not sudden changes or too much change anyway.

They do not use any hammer and dynamite tactics to get things done. A Libra has enough charm and is convincing enough to bring people over to their way of thinking. Their weak point is that they don't like confrontation. When faced with unavoidable confrontation, they tend to opt for the path of least problems, which could mean surrendering on important points. This could be a problem in business negotiations and such. So ideally if Libra is the negotiator from your side, it would be a good idea to add a bull-dog partner to go with them, so that while Libra is being the good cop, their associate can jump in when tough negotiating and hard language needs to be used.

Libra wants things to be quiet and peaceful. Sometimes they choose to walk away from conflict just to keep things peaceful. This does have its place because there will be instances in life where the best thing to do is walk away. But there are some instances where you simply have to stand your ground and fight it out. Libra needs by their side someone with some spunk and fighting spirit to help balance Libra's peace-loving nature.

Libra is generous. They will share whatever they have to those who are in need. This kind of empathy can lead to Libra being active in political movements that are emphasising more equality and opportunity. At the same time, there will be many who try and succeed in taking advantage of Libra's generosity, and this can lead to a lot of bitterness when Libra eventually understands how much people are capable of taking advantage of a noble soul.

You have a magnetic personality that draws people to you. This is useful in fields such as politics or sales where you do need to draw people to you. They do not even realize why it is happening, it is magnetism in the real sense of the word. But this also has the serious downside of drawing the wrong kind of people to them. Libra will need to pay serious attention to this issue and find some way of filtering out all the attention that they will get and will need to keep at arm's length unscrupulous characters.

Libra's artistic side is very strong. Their art will be innovative and out of ordinary. It may not always be in sync with the times, but it'll be unique. It is possible that the brand of art that Libra spouses may become popular or even trendy years later!

Libra really needs to practise the art of saying "No". While Libras themselves know how to present ideas forcefully and convincingly, they are also easily convinced and won over by the arguments of the opposite side. She has the built-in disadvantage of wanting to look at both sides of the story all the time, even when it comes to someone who totally disagrees with them. And in the process, they tend to be very impartial, and may not even take their own side in the dispute, and as a consequence, they may say "Yes" when that yes in clearly not in their best interest.

Others may misread you as indecisive, they may not understand that the reason you wait on making a decision is that you want to see all sides of the issue before making up your mind. In some situations, though a quick decision may be necessary. When you are faced with issues that demand a quick decision, write down the pros and cons, and then make a decision, often the pen is faster than the mind when it comes to sorting out complicated issues.

You are very sophisticated, or at least you are perceived by everyone as sophisticated. Your intellect, your reasoning skills and your charming way of communicating makes you stand out. People genuinely admire you, and you are almost like a celebrity to them. People would easily accept you in the role of mediator or problem solver. Your ability to see both sides of the equation is incredible and it is something that commands folks respect.

The Libra Man's characteristics

The Libra man is a great diplomat. He knows how to tactfully influence people and bring people together. On the flip side, he is also easily influenced by others, mostly because he believes in giving an unbiased hearing to every viewpoint. He has his ideals and positions but he does not believe in trying himself up to any particular position because he understands that these things change as society changes.

His talent for uniting people and persuading and charming people predisposes him to say 'Yes' to all kinds of things and this could be his undoing.

Libra men tend to flirt with many women who cross their path. Their natural charm knows no bounds, and these women either fall for Libra or at least they keep his charming image in their mind. These conquests tend to make Libra somewhat vain.

Libra is the great problem solver, the dispute resolver. People are drawn to him because of his neutrality and his sense of justice as well as his obvious charm and charisma. Try not to rub your charisma into people's faces too much, they are not glamorous or charismatic like you and may resent it.

The Libra Woman's characteristics

The ultimate diplomat lady! Her good looks, charm, tact and personality together add up to an incredible combination. This is the person who would make a great foreign minister or secretary of state or whatever. Flirty, but classy. Knows how to use her intellect and power of persuasion to create consensus, minimise conflict and get results.

Easy to get along with and pleasant, this is the woman a lot of guys dream of meeting, instead of the bar-brawler that many 'macho' guys end up getting hitched to!

This is not to say that life with the Libra girl will always be sunshine. If she gets argumentative, such as when you rub her the wrong way, you will see how her intellect and analytical skills kick in to argue anyone else down. She can be very unreasonable when upset.

Her feminine charms are her biggest strength, and when you add intellect and analytical skills to the equation Libra woman is absolute dynamite! Her personality and poise make her stand out in any crowd.

Libra women do not like troublemakers and outlaws. She wants peace and harmony.

The Libra woman has a sense of justice and fairness that endears them to business associates.

Libra women are also very artistic and do exceedingly well in the field of applied art, such as theatre, graphics, artwork etc.

How to turn on and seduce a Libra

Librans are drawn to those whose lives are in harmony. They refuse to walk into chaotic situations. So if your life is upside down and your apartment looks like Iraq, maybe Libra is not the one for you. They like beauty, refinement and elegance. They enjoy the beauty of nature. It won't be a bad idea to take them to the lakeside for a date. Libra loves beauty, peace and harmony. So if you are going to take them to a lake, pick one that is not in the news for pollution, and don't take them somewhere where they are chopping down trees to build the lakeside condominiums.

Compliment them on their intellect and achievements. Librans are outstanding in their chosen fields, and they know it. And they like people who are smart enough to figure out how amazing they are.

Libra has a great sense of humour and they want someone with a fantastic sense of humour. Tell them some of those jokes, but keep in mind that they are rather sensitive, so avoid anything that is on 'thin ice'. But rather than joke-telling, what they want more is someone who can see the humour in everyday life, someone who knows how to laugh at things, someone who will notice oddities and funny things in everyday life. Libra believes that humour lightens up everyday life, and makes everything easier and better.

Don't be a burden on the Libra, you should be capable of taking care of your life yourself, do not count of Libra taking care of everything for you. These are modern times, and with rare exceptions, you cannot really count on anyone to do anything for anyone unless it is a company policy or job requirement.

Libra in the aspect of love.

How to win a Libra's lasting love

Show Libra that you share their interests, that you are fun to be with. Express your admiration for all of their good qualities. Be expressive in your praise of them, and praise them often. Libra craves appreciation and praise, shower them with attention and appreciation.

Once they realize that you truly appreciate their amazing multifaceted personality, you are on track. They will willingly overlook your many faults once they see how much of a true lover you are, and how much you like everything about them and how much you like their interests and passions in life.

A Libra likes some glamour in her relationships, do not show up for a date looking slovenly do not show up like you just crawled out of bed.

Librans crave peace and quiet. They want harmony in their lives. Be sure to demonstrate them that with you this will indeed be the case. They have to know that with you there will be stability and harmony. They don't want to walk into any kind of chaotic situation.

There will be many who will admire your Libra man or woman, your job is to show them that YOU admire them and appreciate them and adore them more than all of them put together. That is a hard task to do, especially considering that they are always weighing things and thinking and rethinking everything. Sometimes you may be tempted to cut loose and let your Libra go, but if you hang in there, it will be worth it.

Do not pay them any shallow superficial compliments they will see right through it. Tell them things that are real, things they already know about themselves. If they have good handwriting, praise that. If their house looks spotless, praise that. Librans crave that kind of appreciation and admiration, and they often feel that their hard work and efforts are going unnoticed.

Libra and Sex and Relationships

Librans like everything to be fine-tuned in life. They want everything to be smooth flowing without any bumps, and sex is no exception. A Libra wants a partner who knows what they are doing. They want a partner who is gentle and sophisticated, yet can create a wonderful night. Avoid cursing or swearing or any kind of profanity. They like the perfect lover, with the perfect words, perfect body and perfect manners. They expect you to be courteous and generous even when astride them.

They like sensual rituals and roleplay, toys that are hygienic and imaginative, and they want a partner who understands their need for a slow and prolonged experience, with lots of foreplay and variety.

And yes, even during lovemaking they expect compliments and praise. Shower them with praise, and blow them away with your show of adoration and admiration. And take your time, do not rush it. If you have a flight to catch, well call your travel office and re-schedule the flight. Libra cannot be hurried if you know what is good for you.

If you want to give them an erotic surprise, take them to a classy honeymoon hotel with mirrors on the ceiling and flowers and jacuzzi and all that. That will wow them. But remember that none of that is a substitute for what we talked about earlier.

Librans may be rather insecure about their sexuality, so it will not be out of place to praise them after the lovemaking. Tell them how it was the greatest experience of your life, but do not lie.

Libra Best Matches

Gemini, Aquarius

The Libra Boss

The Libra boss is guided by reason and logic. They weigh everything, and they will weigh it several times if needed before reaching a conclusion. This may be viewed as slowness by some, but if you look at their track record you will see that they have been making pretty good decisions that seem to defy the odds.

The Libra boss is fair, and they will treat you fairly. The only thing to remember is not to challenge or antagonize them. If you want them on your side appeal to their sense of fairness and justice. At the same time, make sure that you do your job properly, they will not compromise on quality, even if they are your neighbour or drinking buddy.

The Libra boss knows how to keep a handle on the accounts. They know where every cent goes and comes.

Their ability to persuade people makes them a good leader with their workers, and they generally follow their lead. Some Libras may be too easygoing and laid back and unfortunately, some employees may take advantage of that. So it is important to let them know that you will not compromise on quality and even though you want everything to be peaceful and stress-free you will not tolerate anything that could be harmful to the business and that you are not afraid of confrontation when needed.

The Libra Worker

The Libra worker is honest and hardworking, they could occasionally slack off if there is no one watching over them. They don't mean to do it, but that is just the way it goes.

Their strongest point is that they have excellent relationships with his co-workers, and they wouldn't mind them being their union representative. They have the charm and tend to be an 'uniter'. Their sense of fair play and general goodwill towards other human beings makes them quite popular.

Libra's artistic flair makes them highly suited for any tasks that involve some creativity. They won't feel happy in a job where there is no room for imagination and talent.

They have a lot of fresh and interesting ideas, and they would be best suited for a company that makes room for independent thinking and has a use for a man or woman with a working brain rather than someone who mindlessly follows protocols.

Libra's biggest problem is that when faced with multiple choices, they may wait too long, they are not the right people for quick decisions. They are good with making good decisions, but not split-second decisions. So if you are looking at that fighter pilot job, you want to hone up on those quick decision-making skills! You would be better off on the ground deciding which aircraft to send into the air to tackle the enemy and where.

The Libra Child

The Libra child is super lovable. They are well behaved, kind and sweet. In games and sports, they always show their sense of fairness.

They pick up knowledge like a sponge. Generally, these children do very well in school, thanks to their innate intellect and analytical skills and their excellent interpersonal skills with teachers and other kids.

The one thing that these kids need is a peaceful low-intensity environment. The home has to be peaceful, and so does the school, and it is in these peaceful circumstances that the Libra kid really blooms.

The Libra child loves to play with other kids, and they want everything to be fair. They always play by the rules and do not step on others. They instinctively know when something is unfair and they will fight against it.

Libra's powers of persuasion and their general charm will help them get their way with their parents and teachers.

Their only failing is that it will be hard for them to make up their mind on most things. They will have to think and think about it. Even if it is about simple things like 'what flavour ice cream do you want?'! Luckily these days they have the type with ten different flavours inside one container! Probably a Libra kid's parent came up with these Neopolitan icecreams.

Libra and Money

You are good at making decisions concerning money. Mainly because you think over everything, you analyze everything, you are less likely than others to make bad decisions. Money is one of those things where you cannot jump into decisions too fast, and this is one of those fields where you are miles ahead of everyone else, including all of those guys who make quick decisions.

Libra and Food

You love good food, and there is no disguising that. If you are let loose in an icecream and chocolate store, you will probably stay there all day, until your wallet is empty and your tastebuds are tingling happily.

Libra Symbol: The Scale

Ruling planet: Venus              

Lucky element: Air              

Lucky colours: Blue

Lucky stones: Diamonds

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