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Your Positive qualities

Adaptable and flexible, Understands other intuitively.

Your Negative qualities

Pessimistic, Easily discouraged.

Pisces Personality Profile and Characteristics

Pisces knows how to adapt to anything. They are somewhat resigned to changes and new circumstances. This can be a big advantage in modern times where there no surety to anything, and fortune's bubbles rise and fall. Especially these days where fortune's bubbles have a habit of going bust on a moment's notice. On the flip side this can be a bad thing in that Pisces accepts change very passively and may develop a type of learned helplessness pattern of behaviour.

Pisces is compassionate and genuinely wants to help other people. This can also translate into interference in other people's affairs to an extent that makes others irritated and resentful.

Pisces has a habit of being suspicious of the motives of others. This may sometimes be well-founded fears, but often these may be based on groundless theories. This can lead to interpersonal problems which could easily escalate.

Pisces is imaginative and very creative. She or he will never have a shortage of original ideas and concepts. But there is also a tendency for those ideas to never take off, due to various reasons. Pisces would be well advised to cultivate the habit of persistence, and not to give up in the face of reversals. Some ideas may not take off for the simple reason that the right time for that idea has not arrived. Do not let a lack of tangible results discourage you from pursuing your dreams and ideas. And even ideas that may have failed once, do not shelf them forever. Give it some time, and then try again. Success has a habit of favouring those who persist and persevere as opposed to those who are brilliant, but give up at the first defeat or reversal.

Others find the presence of Pisces very soothing and comforting. This is because Pisces feels and expresses a natural empathy for others. Some people even find Pisces's sweet and almost defenceless dispositon so soft and charming that they almost see Pisces as their unofficial counsellor.

Pisces are very gentle and kind, and this helps them make friends. At the same time, Pisces is in constant danger of being taken advantage of by the rest of humanity. Pisces needs to be careful while not giving up his natural sympathy and affection for other human beings. Unfortunately there world is not as perfect a place as Pisces would want it to be , and there is no shortage of individuals who are on the lookout for what they consider as 'suckers'.

Pisces tends to have a good sense of humor. Sometimes this may be effectively used to hide his or her true feelings or sense of desperation over reversals and failures.

Pisces's feelings run very deep. Much deeper than most people think, even those who are very close to her or him may not realize the depth of Pisces's feelings. This often leads to problems down the road. Pisces may hide behind a smile regardless of the resentment boiling inside. And eventually the dam may burst. Pisces needs to express her feelings more openly, don't keep everything inside. It is not upto you to keep the whole world smiling and happy with you. The world will take care of itself. Express your feelings. Make a promise to yourself that you will not let others use you as a doormat. Practice standing up for your rights.

Pisces's moods are not very consistent and can change like the weather over London. Her career decisions may also change overnight. A successful lawyer may wake up one morning and decide that he wants to be carpenter, and much to the angst of his family he may sell his house and move to New England where he believes his woodworking skills will be recognized.

It is easy for a Pisces to make friends. Everyone needs a Pisces, and that is an understatement! People go to a counsellor when all they need is a Pisces with sympathetic ear, willing to help them out and listen to their story.

Pisces falls in love easily. They tend to place the object of their love on a pedestal, and when the pedestal falls over, it crushes poor Pisces totally. Pisces needs to be very careful in picking who she or he falls in love with. At any cost avoid the Casanova types or any such adventurers who will almost definitely break your gentle heart. You need someone solid and steady, kind and understanding who appreciates your gentleness and will hold your hand and never let go.

You have a natural interest in the arts, and you may really excel in it, given a little training and someone to give you a helping hand while you are starting out. Keep away from critical individuals who may damp your enthusiasm. Avoid those well intentioned folks who get their kicks out of telling people that 'it is not possible'. Anything is possible for you Pisces, you are a natural genius, you have your heart  in the right place. The world may not be a perfect place, but that is not your fault. Persevere in whatever you are pursuing, and it will be yours.

You should strongly consider living somewhere near the water, a lake or stream or pond or even the beautiful oceanside. The waves are like balm to your soul. Your heart has a strong connection to the water. Avoid landlocked areas where you will be too far from the water.

You oftentimes have problems with not being decisive enough. There will be many regrets that will haunt you throughout your life about things that you now feel you should have done or said or taken care of. And the fact that time has marched on may fill you with sadness. But don't let that get you down Pisces. Do not regret what has already happened, everything in life happens for a reason. Instead of regreting, make a resolve that next time you are confronted with decision-making you will sit down and weigh the pros and cons, and then take decisive action, and once you cross that bridge, don't look back, don't weigh the consequences once the decision is made.

Do not put off things for tomorrow. Do it today if after careful thinking it sounds like something that should be done today. Another thing that Pisces needs to address is the need to prioritize things. Face it, there isn't enough time in this lifetime to take care of everything, and there isn't enough time in a 24 hour day to take care of everything. But make sure that everything important is taken care of before you go to bed tonight. Do not put it off for tomorrow.

Pisces may not be very demonstrative in his or her affection, but remember what they say about quiet waters being deep... Often their lives are very lonely, since it is not always that someone else recognizes the uncut diamond that Pisces is.

Pisces is extremely loyal to her friends, and will fight hard for them. If she feels that her friend has been wronged, she will go to the end of the earth to protect him or her.

Pisces tends to be active in causes that are for the good of the public. They may not be in leadership roles, but they will be the ones who do their sincere best.

Pisces's intuition and insight makes them good debaters, they may notice and pick up on things that others could overlook easily.

Pisces may give up easily and that is their single worst fault. If Pisces can develop the will to stick to things, there is nothing they cannot achieve in life.

Pisces are well known for having a lot of original ideas. Believe in those ideas. If an idea sounds marketable, get a patent for it. This could be your road to riches.

Pisces often gets deeply interested in and involved in the occult arts, at which they can easily excel, and they often know more about their future than even the astrologers themselves.

The Pisces Man's characteristics

The Pisces male puts his heart into everything he does. This can be good and bad both. On the plus side he is likely to do everything in a dedicated and sincere manner. The flip side is that he becomes so emotionally involved with whatever he does that it can easily affect his judgement and trip him up totally.

The Pisces man tends to fall in love quite easily, and he gets his heart broken also easily. Pisces would be well advised to be careful in picking the object of his love, and the sure that she is worthy of his affections before staking everything on her. Pisces's romances tend to be like Las Vegas gambles, where he may win all or lose all. And when he loses all, it tends to really knock him off his feet.

Pisces men are very romantic, and gentle and kind, and even though many women profess that they want that kind of man, for some unexplicable reason they may pass him over and instead pick some total jerk ! But such are the ways of nature.

Pisces man may not be really bothered by what people think of him. He does not really care, one way or other what they think. Yet on a deeper level he does care what everyone thinks about him. These are the two sides to Pisces's amazing personality. Pisces is unlikely to be snobbish or to do any of the good old 'keeping up with the Joneses'. As far as he is concerned the Joneses can do whatever they want and he does not care. Pisces is the kind of guy who would drive an old Honda civic while everyone else on the block drives a Lexus (which they have put on their 16% interest bearing credit card, by the way!).

The Pisces Woman's characteristics

Pisces women have a magnetic personality. They are somewhat mystical , and men find them intriguing and fascinating. The Pisces woman has a fertile and imaginative brain that is always overflowing with thoughts. Many of these ideas may not be practical, but then ideas don't have to be practical. The guy who drew the first flying machine was not the one who built it.

Pisces woman is dreamy and romantic, and may be a bit impractical at times. Even though her dreamy life may appear disorganized and chaotic, she will still get things done.

She is forever in search of her soulmate, who can be very elusive and hard to find. Pisces woman is a perfect woman and she is in pursuit of the perfect man, who unfortunately does not exist. Once she understands that , she can find her ideal mate. Life is always about compromises. But Pisces should still try to find someone who understands her and has a soft side to him; someone who will encourage her and build her up, and never discourage her or tear her down.

The Pisces Child

Your Pisces child is sweeter than sweet. He or she has a wonderful imagination. Encourage it. Encourage him to write down his imaginations, this could be the start of a writing career. Never ever ridicule his fantasies and dreams, never laugh at his imaginary pixies and elves that live under his window.

Don't be too strict with your Pisces child, he is reasonable, be reasonable with him. At all costs, ensure stability in his life, keep a stable family environment. Pisces children are hard hit by things such as parental discord and divorce.  You and your spouse together can turn your Pisces child's life into heaven, but your carelessness could just as well turn it into hell.

How to turn on and seduce an Pisces

Pisces loves everything soft, sweet and romantic. If you were thinking of taking her to the horse race, change gears and take her for an evening walk  on the pier instead. She wants someone who understands the beauty of a sunset, someone who is deep enough to understand tjhat a sunset is much much more than a red ball and purple sky and crimson waters.. Take her on a weekend to Hawaii, or take her on one of those budget trips to London. Make her fantasies come true. And her fantasies are centered around sweet, romantic themes.

And the same thing applies the other way too. If you are in pursuit of a Pisces man, don't laugh at his romantic and gentle weekend plans. He believes in celebrating the beauty of the earth that we live in. He understands that our time on this beautiful earth is limited..and he is aware that nowhere else but on this earth can you see the beauty of a rainbow or the dreamlike serenity of a dewdrop on a maple leaf. If you truly share that kind of depth, take his hand and never let go.

Listen to his or her dreams and wishes, you don't have to make them all come true, but show him that you believe in his dreams and you value his dreams, show him that you understand how sweet his thoughts are and that you share them.

Candlelight and lakeside romantic settings bring out the love in Pisces. They like everything that is related to water. It does not have to be the Pacific, it can be just a stream or a pond..

How to win an Pisces's lasting love

Show her that her dreams mean the world to you. Do not fake it. Do it only if you really mean it. Because she is very good at ferretting out any insincere intentions. If you mislead her, she will hate you forever, and you will break her heart.

Show her that you will encourage her in her dreams and pursuits. Show her that you are with her, and that you think highly of her intellect and her beauty. Show her that you understand her innermost thoughts and dreams. Show her that you are serious about her, and that you are reliable and dependable.

Show her that you are faithful and true and will only be hers. Show her that when you take her hand, you want to share everything, not just the bed. She wants to know that you will share her every dream and every passion, and that with you she can build her castles..

Pisces are very sensitive and are easily hurt. Be careful what you say. Be kind to her pets, be courteous to her relatives.

Reassure her that you are there for you, and followup on the reassurances with concrete action.

Pisces and Sex and Relationships

To Pisces sex is almost a religious experience. Pisces likes a partner who is romantic and imaginative. She has a million fantasies in her mind. She needs someone who can share those fantasies and enjoy them.She desires someone who can communicate with her heart to heart, soul to soul.

Do not 'try' to understand her. Either you instinctively understand her or you don't. And if you dont understand her depth and her passion by now, forget it, you are the wrong one for Pisces.

Pisces is special, and she or he needs and deserves someone very special. She wants to play out her fantasies, which can be very exotic and imaginative. You almost have to be a erotic writer to understand these concepts! Pisces would love to dress up and act out various fantasies. She also desires lots and lots of foreplay...

Whisper in her ear.. your fantasies. If you don't know what I am talking about, read the classic book 'Her secret garden'.  You can create your own paradise with your Pisces, if you know how.

Pisces Best Matches

Cancer and Scorpio.

The Pisces Boss

You wished for an understanding boss, you got one! Pisces bosses are easy to get along with. They are likely to understand if you want an extra long thanksgiving weekend, and they are most likely to overlook your errant ways, or turn a blind eye to it.

This does not mean that they are stupid. It just means that the Pisces boss is kind and considerate and understands that you are a human, wjth a human life and family and not just a little robot to carry out the 'corporate mission'. But do not push your luck, once you are on his blacklist, there is no coming out of it. If you take advantage of his kindness, he will remember that, and you will be filed away permanently in his 'crooks' category.

Pisces bosses are very good at sizing up the employee. If you are good at what you do, he will figure it out even if you don't know how to package your skills and display them.

The Pisces boss will always be open to new ideas as long as they make some kind of sense. You are lucky if you have a Pisces boss, but be sure to show him or her that you are a dependable asset to his company.

The Pisces Worker

The Pisces worker is ideal for any field that needs a lot of imagination and originality. At the same time, Pisces worker may not always be very directed with his efforts. And he can easily slack off in the absence of a leader who guides him and exhorts him to move forward. If his co-worker is lazy, Pisces is more likely to be affected by him than not.

Pisces worker will follow your instructions, but you will still need to check back now and then and see what exactly the 'It is all under control' means. It may just mean that everyone is sleeping on the job.

The Pisces worker is well liked by co-workers, because she is easy to get along with, and is kind and understanding, and interested in hearing their stories.

Pisces and Money

Pisces is well advised to take some book-keeping lessons. If you have not already, go to the neighbourhood store and buy yourself an accountbook. Keep track of income and expenditure. Even if it is that 99 cent stick of gum, write it down. It all adds up. Pisces typically have a lot of problems managing finances. They are more interested in more interesting things, and finances are not exactly interesting.

So unless you have a spouse who is really keeping a handle on the finances, you better learn how to do it. Get organzied with the finances. Get separate folders to put all your stuff inside. Keep track of your house payments, keep track of your credit card payments. Keep track of your student loans. Everything can unravel in a flash if you don't keep track religiously.

Pisces and Food

Pisces loves exotic foods. If would be a dream come true for you to go to an international food festival in an exotic location such as Athens or Bangkok.  You also like your food to look elegant in addition to tasting great.

Pisces Symbol: The Fish

Ruling planet: Pluto

Lucky element: Water

Lucky colours: Green

Lucky stones: Moonstone

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