Sagittarius' Personality

Learn everything you want to know about Sagittarius.
Sagittarius sign personality.

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Your Positive qualities:

Open-minded, freethinking, adventurous

Your Negative qualities:

Stubborn, arrogant, unrealistic expectations

Sagittarius Personality Profile and Characteristics

Sagittarius are confident of themselves. They know themselves, and they know their strengths and weaknesses. This all by itself makes them a competent individual. Of course, sometimes this confidence can transform itself into a wee bit of overconfidence, and that is when problems occur.

Sagittarius has a very active mind. They are always thinking about all sorts of things. These may even be topics that have nothing to do with them or their world. Yet these thinkers can change our world by the very fact that they use their minds all the time. And they are open to new ideas. Sagittarius refuses to be bound by any 'ordained' way of thinking. In other words, they will think outside the box, which can be a great asset is certain lines of business.

Sagittarius is one of the most energetic signs of the zodiac, always bursting with energy and enthusiasm in a way that inspires others, and may also tire out some others who want things to be more laid back. After all, not everyone is rearing to go off and conquer Mount Everest, most of us would much rather get a beer and watch TV!

Sagittarius is by nature impulsive. This impulsiveness, coupled with their ever-active brain that is always swimming with ideas makes them the perfect mad-scientist. Yes, Sagittarius loves to solve problems, and he or she is very talented at finding new solutions to everything.

However, Sagittarius may get a lot of people rather displeased because of their perennial habit of showing off. Not many people like to be told how bright the other person is. And Sagittarius likes to rub their intelligence and brilliance in everyone's face.

Sagittarius may come across to some people as restless and overenthusiastic, especially to the more laidback ones among us who don't want the world to move any faster than it is already! But that will not damp Sagittarius's enthusiasm.

Sagittarius is generous and always willing to help someone in need. And they do it without any ulterior motives. Sagittarius has a certain kind of disarming nobility that makes it challenging to quarrel or argue with them. When they are giving away their hard-earned cash, they may not be thinking straight about what the chequebook looks like; it is more of a spur of the moment, more of a 'let me do this now, let me help this person while I can' and they worry about the consequences later.

Sagittarius is good at learning things. They know how to think and analyse something very quickly. Generally, his or her analyses are positive, and some might say that Sagittarius tends to be overly optimistic without adequately considering the downsides to their plan. He or she may come up with a get-rich-quick plan that looks perfect to them, but there may be something very fundamental that is missing. Sagittarius tends to miss this kind of small detail that can make or break a business plan.

Sagittarius has a very open mind. And like a farmer worth their salt could tell you, anything that is left open all the time, all kinds of things can jump in or out. Sagittarius is surprisingly susceptible to the opinions and views of others; they could swing from far right to far left in one night! They could go out and buy a car they do not want or need, just because an enterprising saleswoman spent an hour talking to them. They could put their postman on their will just because they read a 'write your own will in 12 hours' book. Sagittarius is brilliant, but that brilliance comes with a little bit of eccentricity and impulsivity and over-exuberance. But it is a much better mix than what we see in everyone else.

Sagittarius is not always fun and games. They can be very blunt when it comes to telling you what they have on their mind, and this kind of brash talking can hurt others feelings. Sagittarius does not mean it that way, but that is how it turns out. It comes from their fundamental honesty and openness.

They have a reckless streak, which when combined with their supreme confidence in themselves can quickly get them into trouble. Sagittarius would be well advised to plan better and think about all sides of an issue or plan before starting on a course of action. And as always it is a good idea to confer with someone more cool-headed before setting off on that epic adventure.

Sagittarius tends to be egocentric and sometimes does think that the sun and the moon and every single one of the stars rotate around them. While Sagittarius is unquestionably one of the geniuses of the zodiac, it is still a good idea to add a few ounces of modesty to the Sagittarius mix, so that life goes well...

The best advice you can give a Sagittarius is "look before you leap". Sagittarius will go leaping and galloping at full speed into all kind of situations that ordinary mortals won't even touch with a ten-foot pole.

Sagittarius tends to be very adaptable; they can easily adapt to changing circumstances or people. This could be a good thing in today's world, where everything keeps changing, and everything comes with an expiry date. But this adaptability can also show itself as some degree of unreliability where Sagittarius changes their mind about something overnight. Usually, they have an excellent reason to change their mind; still, that does not help much when someone was counting on what they said a few hours back!

They are known for their total lack of tact. The total lack of tact can really put off some people, yet at the same time, some others are so impressed by this disarming honesty that they see that as a sign of Sagittarius's dependability.

Sagittarius has a good sense of humour. And they know how to laugh at themselves, in addition to laughing at the rest of the world. Sagittarius will never be short of friends. People find their conversational skills and humour and enthusiasm very appealing, and they indeed look forward to seeing them again and again.

The Sagittarius Man's characteristics

No one can impose any limits on the Sagittarius man. His freedom is his life. He lives to think, and he figures to act, and he acts from the sheer energy inside. He will not sit still and brood over things. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that will always fly by the seat of his pants. He likes to talk, and people are generally fascinated by him, just as people fascinate him. His enthusiasm and his willingness to engage others and his willingness to participate with others will win him many friends.

At the same time, his tactlessness and clumsiness and inappropriate talk will create enemies too. Yes, indeed Sagittarius will have his fan club on one side and a hate club on the other hand! Others may feel overwhelmed by his out of the box thinking, and his openness to fundamentally alien and foreign ideas. Sagittarius would be well advised to be a little bit more tactful and to think of his audience before opening his mouth. Not everyone wants to save the world or even know about the world. And often ignorance is a powerful kind of bliss. People do have the right to be ignorant, contrary to what we might think. And Sagittarius needs to respect people's right to be unconscious and to avoid pushing new knowledge down their throats.

The Sagittarius Woman's characteristics

Sagittarius woman is one of the most ethical and righteous persons ever. She will not stand for any 'broad interpretations' of rules of right and wrong. She will not close your eyes while you are trying to pull off something unethical. She is a person of profound convictions, and if you know what is right for you, do not challenge her on any of these.  She is also singularly insensitive, and she will unhesitatingly tell someone that the reason their knees are hurting is not because of the weather, but because of being a couple of hundred pounds too heavy. This type of brash, confrontational criticism will antagonise people, especially the ones whom Sagittarius wants to help.

At the same time, Sagittarius is kind and caring and wants to help everyone on earth. She tends to believe that she has a mission in life. Sagittarius woman will be a great asset to any cause that she takes up. Everyone else will be impressed at the enthusiasm with which she takes up social causes and then ends up being the leader of that movement or cause. Sagittarius's open, free-thinking and energy and strong convictions of moral right and wrong makes her the perfect leader for social purposes.

Sagittarius Child

Sagittarius child is affectionate and kind. They love their family, friends, and they love all kinds of animals. They are also one of those super-energetic kids who will be rushing around all the time, doing all sorts of things. Parents need to keep an eye on them and put their foot down when they're jumping off to go and do something that could put them in danger.

They are easily bored. They want to know everything, see everything, touch everything and jump on everything. They like the company of their friends and family. They need a lot of love. A Sagittarius child growing up in a loving family will do fantastically in every aspect of life. Their only need is kind and affectionate parents who are there for them all the time.

They are a little bit rebellious, especially when it comes to rules that have no apparent reason. So instead of telling them 'don't swim in this part of the lake', tell them something logical such as 'you should not swim in this part of the lake because some people have drowned here, and the water here is too deep'.

Many may take advantage of their openness and trusting nature and friendliness, so parents need to talk with their Sagittarius child about the realities of modern-day life and the ever-present dangers.

How to turn on and seduce a Sagittarius

Sagittarius likes partners who can talk. If you are the tonguetied type, unless you can make some significant changes overnight, you might as well forget it. You have to have a gift for conversation to win Sagittarius's heart. Not just air-headed talk, but a conversation with substance. At the same time, it should be amusing and enjoyable. Sagittarius loves a joke, but be careful with those locker-room jokes they can easily backfire, especially if your 'joke' involves cruelty to others. Don't tell your Sagittarius lady how you broke the one-legged man's arm; she won't think there is anything funny about a one-armed and one-legged man.

Show your Sagittarius that you are not an old stick-in-the-mud. Show her that you are alive and are capable of spontaneity. She does not want everything to be the same and boring every single day. Yes if you live on a farm, it is hard to create new excitement every single morning, but it does not have to be anything dramatic. The main thing is that she knows that you want to do new things with her.

Do not draw any unrealistic lines in the sand. If you draw a range, you can bet that Sagittarius will step over it! Instead, plan on enjoying your time with Sagittarius, and be prepared for the unexpected. And if you can provide the unexpected (well, something sweet, mister!), you will win a place in her heart.

Sagittarius admires those who are involved in humanitarian causes or in a profession that consists of saving lives or something on those lines. So if you are in healthcare, you have something going for you that Sagittarius admires. Sign up for habitat for humanity or 'save the dolphins' or some other cause that you believe in. Do not try to fool your Sagittarius; she will kick you all the way to Jupiter! No matter how clever you may be, chances are that your Sagittarius lover already has you figured out.

How to win a Sagittarius's lasting love

Sagittarius wants to be sure that you are the right one for him. And one of the things that he or she wants is a partner who has a working brain, someone who is intelligent, someone who will be the perfect 'comrade-in-arms', the ultimate right-hand-man, the ideal companion with whom Sagittarius can plan together, plot together, laugh together... and then make love on top of those drawings and plans!

To win and wear a Sagittarius, you have to have a great sense of humour, you should be able to make conversation and jokes naturally and effortlessly. Forget about 'learning' how to do that, that is a skill like swimming, it takes a long time to learn how to do that.

Sagittarius is fun-loving, but at the same time, Sagittarius expects total and absolute loyalty and faithfulness. You can have all the fun in the world, but it should centre around her, and don't you dare even look at someone else.

Sagittarius is faithful, so do not make any rude and weird remarks if you see her talking with another person of the opposite sex.

Once Sagittarius is in love with you, he or she constantly needs your company, while at the same time they want to maintain the freedom to do the things that they used to do. You have to be there for them whenever they need you!

Do something spontaneous and wonderful, take them on a trip across the border tomorrow, show them a good time. Use that opportunity to show them that you are a good intellectual match for them. If they aren't interested in hearing about the latest game in Orlando, leave it at that. If you value their love, go out of your way to match their intellectually, which means having enough knowledge about and interest in topics that are of importance to them.

Sagittarius and Sex and Relationships

Sagittarius loves what is novel and new and exotic. Sagittarius loves to explore and venture into unknown terrain. Sagittarius is full of energy. If you remember these aspects of Sagittarius's character, you will know what to do!

Be willing and able to discuss openly your needs and their needs, and be willing and open to new ideas, and have some new ideas yourself. They are not interested in some old stick-in-the-mud who wants to do a plain old fashioned 5-minute missionary thing. They want the whole works, and they want it to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. If you have not yet read a good book on sexual technique, I suggest that you drive down to Barnes and Nobles first thing tomorrow and grab the most prominent book on sexual technique that you can find. Yes, with Sagittarius it matters if you can put on actual performance, something fun, novel and entertaining!

Sagittarius is not opposed to dirty talking, as long as it is not in bad taste. Again this is a lost art, the art of whispering dirty fantasies in your lover's ear, and if you have never done it, get a good book on this.

No matter what position or technique you use, be considerate of your partner's comfort, check to make sure that they are enjoying it too.

Exotic locations are a significant turn on for Sagittarius. The backseat of your car does not count as an exotic location, by the way! But a valley in Kathmandu may count! Or a lonely coastal beach on the Oregon Pacific coast may count.

For Sagittarius, sex is a mental, emotional and physical experience. It has to be a three dimensional, all-in-one spectacular for them.They have to feel satisfied not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. After the lovemaking, don't just jump up and go, cuddle with them for an hour while you watch the trees swaying outside.

Sagittarius Best Matches

Aries, Leo, Libra

The Sagittarius Boss

The Sagittarius boss is likely to tell you what their goals and targets are; then they may leave you to figure out how to reach those goals. And when you mess it up, they are sure to give you a lecture about your IQ and little things, with as little tact and diplomacy as possible. Indeed, the Sagittarius boss believes in a 'no-lube' approach to handing out criticism.  But if you are good at organising things and making a plan of action and then carrying out those plans, they are the best kind of boss for you. 

Besides Sagittarius is not very good with the details. They prefer to be the general who controls the battlefield but doesn't want the soldier to bother them with details on what type of bayonets they are using. They want to decide where to place the fieldguns, but they don't want to be bothered with details on whether there is enough fuel to move them around. They expect someone else to take care of details like that automatically.

The Sagittarius boss has no time or sympathy for the sleepy and unenthusiastic worker. They want them to be up and jumping around enthusiastically, like those little guys in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie! And they want to see spectacular results, and they want it fast!

On the plus side, if you know your job well and you are good at it, they are the boss who will not annoy you by looking over your shoulder constantly. Once you have won their confidence with your ability and skill, they will only want to see the result; they will want just to leave everything else in your hands.

The Sagittarius Worker

The Sagittarius worker is the ultimate worker that every boss dreams of finding. They work hard with whatever the company provides them. They don't complain. They are innovative if there is a problem to be fixed, they will find a way to fix it, or at least they will try their best.

They are comfortable with a fast tempo of work. A Sagittarius knows how to handle it, and furthermore, they enjoy it, figuring out a plan of action to get things done and to keep things going smooth. Their downfall is that they don't know when to keep their mouth shut. They may criticize the boss for being late, and this is not very wise!

Their enthusiasm is infectious and other workers find inspiration in them, even if they don't enjoy the job. The way they keep working away makes them also feel that it is worth it after all.

So even if they may be irritating at times, do not fire them, hang on to them; they could be one of the best employees you could ever find!

Sagittarius and Money

Sagittarius, the biggest advice anyone can give you on how to spend your money is "DON'T spend it !". Save, save, save! Live within your means.

Yes, the neighbour has a patio and your wife wants one. Yes, the guy at work has a Bowflex gym and you want one. Sure, the guy down the street has a speedboat and you want one. But debt is one of the most dangerous things for you. Next time you want to buy something that you cannot afford, take a deep breath and have someone talk you out of it.

Do not make any hasty business decisions, and always watch out for those snake oil salesmen who want to sell you maps to the gold mines. Like they say, beware of the naked man who wants to sell you his shirt!

Time is short and money is hard. Do not waste it, think twice or thrice before every purchase. Repay all that money on the credit card as fast as possible and then cut it into tiny pieces and throw it away. You Sagittarius should never even touch a credit card!

We cannot have in life everything we want, all at once. It takes time. In the meanwhile avoid the simulated prosperity that debt-driven spending can bring you because the fall will be really hard. Especially if you have family and kids, you need to be extra careful with finances.

Sagittarius and Food

You need a spouse who can cook at home. Someone who knows how to treat you to fantastic meals every day. Or, more realistically you need to learn how to cook.

You have a strong tendency to go into a totally unhealthy diet, mostly made up of burgers and fries and pop. You keep doing that and your cardiologist will be laughing all the way to your bank as they sell you all kinds of new parts and accessories for your ticker! You seriously need to modify your diet and lifestyle so that you can enjoy life without making the healthcare industry even richer.

Sagittarius Symbol: The Archer      

Ruling planet: Jupiter             

Lucky element: Fire            

Lucky colours: Yellow, light blue

Lucky stones: Turquoise

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