Scorpio's Personality

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Scorpio sign personality.

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Your Positive qualities:

Loyal, honest, hardworking

Your Negative qualities:

Unforgiving, intolerant, stubborn

Scorpio Personality Profile and Characteristics

Scorpio is incredibly stubborn and goal-oriented. Scorpio is really driven to get what he or she wants, and woe to anyone who stands in their way! This can be a plus in the political field, but this could cause problems in everyday life. This type of bull-headedness (or rather, scorpion-headedness?) can cause significant friction in family life, where everything hinges on compromise and consensus and give and take.

A Scorpio can persuade anyone to do almost anything. This natural power of persuasion as long as it is used properly can create a lot of good, both at home and at work. Always resist the urge to bulldoze over others. This will never work in the long run.

When you have this kind of power to influence others, you also bear a lot of responsibility which you should not take lightly. When others do things based on what you tell them, they naturally will want you to shoulder some of the responsibility for what happens, no matter how skillfully you hedge your arguments.

One thing that has significant potential to land you in hot water is your hot temper. Keep a handle of it. Avoid alcohol and anything else that impedes your ability to control yourself. When you feel your temper rising, don't stand there and argue, don't walk towards the other person, instead take the high road and walk away from the potential conflict. Even your adversary will respect your self-control, and you are likely to achieve more by walking away than by head-on confrontation.  Especially at home, it is more important to control your temper. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons that people lose control of their temper. Avoid occupations that will cause you to get sleep deprived, it simply isn't worth the consequences.

You have an incredible sex appeal, which is a combination of your magnetic charm and your forceful personality. Others may naturally feel submissive towards you. Resist the urge to take advantage of that. Do not misuse any blessing that nature has conferred on you.

You have very strong opinions on a lot of things, and you may tend to be rather inflexible on these issues. On some issues, being inflexible can be a good thing, but in most things in life, a greater degree of flexibility will make life easier both for you and for everyone else.

Scorpio may appear quiet and reserved, but then no one is seeing the volcanic sea inside, boiling with all kinds of ideas and passions and desires. The soft outer facade may hide the inner concrete and steel, which others discover when they run into it.

While the secretive nature of Scorpio is a good thing when it comes to business matters, it may also cause some heartburn and broken dishes when it happens at home. Keeping too many secrets from your loved ones can lead to a loss of trust with all of the consequences that go with it.

You could be very effective in any field that involves influencing people. People will find your arguments very convincing, and the force of your personality will leave them with little doubt as to what they should do. It would not be surprising if customers, in addition to buying your product, also fall in love with you!

Scorpio has the unique gift of being able to get up after any fall, to rebound after any setback. This kind of determination is what eventually leads to success. Most successful people on earth are not successful because of unusual intellect or unlimited money to start with, they are successful because of persistence. And Scorpio has plenty of that. Once Scorpio has set his heart on something, they will make it happen, no matter how long it takes.

Scorpio is likely to stick to their opinions and plans no matter what others think, this will have one of two possible outcomes, either others get fed up and leave, or they give in and Scorpio gets their way with everything. Most people don't have the fighting spirit and spunk that Scorpio brings to the table, and this gives Scorpio an edge.

Scorpio can also be very critical of themselves. Self-criticism can be a very healthy thing, but Scorpio may carry this to extremes, which will only serve to cause sadness. This could especially be a problem if he has a partner or spouse who is already critical of them.

Scorpio never forgets anything, once anyone does them a favour, they consider themselves indebted to that person forever and will do anything to return that favour. And the same thing goes when they feel that someone has betrayed them. Scorpio will wait till the moment comes to strike back, and it may be one hour later or 20 years later, but the Scorpio's vengefulness knows no time limits.

Scorpio tends to be outspoken in his or her opinions. He does not believe in political correctness. This can get them into trouble, even if others recognize and admire their forthrightness.

Scorpio won't allow anyone to step on their freedom, whether it is a boss or a spouse or a neighbour. Just like their namesake the Scorpion, they want to be free to roam wild, and they have the sting to protect that freedom. At the same time, he or she is very protective of their own, and protective of their loved ones and sweet home, and woe to anyone who dares to step on her loved ones!

The Scorpio Man's characteristics

Scorpio men have the magnetism and charisma plus the determination that it takes to be number one in any field. They will hammer on ahead when lesser mortals would just give up and run. This quality will take Scorpio men to the highest levels in their field. All they have to make sure is that they keep a lid on their temper at all costs. If you need to have anger management classes do it, it is worth it. Do not let a little thing like anger ruin what could be a magnificent career and life.

God has gifted you with courage that is more than most other men. Use it wisely. Always try to differentiate between foolhardiness and daring. Learn how to walk away from things that are obviously foolish. No one is doubting your courage. Sometimes it takes a different type of courage to walk away from things that present a false challenge to your courage, such as a friend daring you to try out some illegal drug.

The opposite sex finds you very attractive, they may or may not admit it, but you have a magnetic personality that draws them to you. Keep in mind what is most important to you, and choose wisely. If you are already married, do not let your passions lead you onto thin ice. Protect and preserve what is important, everything else will come if you can keep the home base secure.

Try not to be revengeful, it may be very hard to forgive and forget, but sometimes in life that is the best option. Revenge is destructive and unfulfilling in the end. Focus instead on the ones you love, and remove from your heart all destructive thoughts.

The Scorpio Woman's characteristics

Scorpio woman does need an astrologer to tell her how sensuous she is. She radiates her sensuality in a way that makes people sit up and take notice.  But she is not going to turn her head to look at most men. She knows that she is a star and she won't give the time of the day for anyone who is not exactly Prince Charming.

If you are in pursuit of a Scorpio woman, you better make sure that you are well qualified, and guys, that does not mean how well endowed you are! It means you are intellectually, mentally and physically a match for her.

Scorpio woman may look gentle and feminine on the outside, but she is solid steel inside. She can run a company with 1000 employees just as effectively as she can run a little family made up of just her and her husband.

Scorpio woman is very ambitious and she does not expect anyone to hand her anything on a platter. She is willing and able to fight for it, and work her fingers to the bone to get what she desires. This is the kind of drive and ambition and hard work that will get her very far.

The Scorpio Child

The Scorpio child prefers not to share his toys. And he may get pretty angry if anyone messes with his toys. He may also have a temper tantrum if he doesn't always get his way. At the same time, he has a very sharp intellect, whereby he will do well at school. But his hot temper and his tantrums may cause just a wee bit of a problem at school. The Scorpio kid will not let anyone push him around, and in fact, he is more likely to be the one doing the pushing around. The Scorpio child respects authority that is backed by strength and the visibility of consequences if that authority is not obeyed. He may show a desire to go to military school where he is likely to do well.

Scorpio children want to 'know it all', especially on topics where adults believe that it is best for them not to know at all. The Scorpio teenager will find a way to thwart authority figures and get to what he wants. Talk to him in a way that lets him know that you love him and care for him. Harsh criticism or confrontation will not yield results, especially if you live in a country where parental authority and power is minimal.

A Scorpio child's tantrums and bad temper might lead them to some problems at school.

How to turn on and seduce a Scorpio

The first thing to remember is that Scorpio is very special. Scorpio is the James Bond or Mata Hari of the Zodiac. And he or she knows it. Scorpio knows that they don't have to go chasing after anyone, they will all come crawling to them. Tell a Scorpio again and again how impressed you are by them and why. Do not say 'You are beautiful'. Tell them instead why they are beautiful, for example, "I love the way your hair moves when you walk". That is more coherent and intelligent than some parrot talk about 'you are beautiful'. It is ok to be bold with Scorpio. After all, they are a Scorpio! 

It will take a lot of hard work to get anywhere close to Scorpio's heart or bedroom. And you may not get much feedback about how you are doing. And Scorpio is not going to do anything to make your task of winning them easier. Read some good books on relationships, be real in what you do, and remember, praise everything they do. Scorpio has an ego that is bigger than Mount Rushmore.

Another thing to remember is that Scorpio expects and demands absolute loyalty and faithfulness. So if you playing around, Scorpio will find out and then you will find out what the Scorpio's sting feels like. And you can forget about ever being forgiven. You get only one shot, and that is it. 

They expect you to be forgiving even if they are not. It is just the way thing are, so live with it.

They may be very sensual but they aren't just looking for someone who would be fun in the bedroom, they're also looking for someone who would be a great partner for them in everything, someone who can talk intelligently about issues that matter to them, someone with whom they can scale new heights together. And you can bet your buttons that they won't settle for anything less.

How to win a Scorpio's lasting love

First of all, make sure you are totally committed to your Scorpio, make sure that you belong to them, heart, body and soul. And make sure that they understand it and know it. Show it to them in every word and every deed. That is the kind of love that Scorpio wants. Make them feel like the most special person in the whole universe.

Do not let your love life become dull or boring. Be willing to try new things. Try to figure out their deep fantasies. Never ever ridicule their fantasies or that will be the end of the road for you. Play out those fantasies with them. If you don't know anything about erotic fantasies, read a good book about it.

Even if you have been married to them for 20 years, do not forget to praise them.

Do not ever allow any doubt to creep into their mind about your love or commitment, that could be the beginning of the end. Do not even look at anyone else of the opposite sex, unless you want the dinnerplate on your face tonight.

Scorpio and Sex and Relationships

Scorpio is sexuality personified. Scorpio likes variety and experimentation and fantasy. There are many who try to figure out the 'magical formula' of sex, but Scorpio knows that there is no such formula. It is like swimming, it comes naturally to some people, and it comes naturally to Scorpio.

Scorpio wants a partner who is open about sex and sexuality and does not get offended by Scorpio's deep fantasies. Scorpio may have a fetish for role play that involves domination and submission, and Scorpio is more likely to assume the dominant position in the bedroom.

To Scorpio, sex is almost a spiritual experience, so do not trivialize it if you want to keep your Scorpio happy. Scorpio wants long, uninterrupted and deeply pleasurable sessions that take him or her to heights of ecstasy and keep them there.

Some people mistakenly believe that given Scorpio's appetite for sex, it would be easy to get them to bed. No way! Scorpio will grant that privilege only to someone who is really special, someone who really is 'made for them'.

Scorpio is drawn to what is unusual and exotic. Scorpio is minimally interested in the 'usual' kind of person. They want someone with charisma, someone who has seen the big big world outside of nowheresville, someone who can stimulate their brain in addition to other parts of them.

Scorpio is excited by the idea of making love in places other than the bedroom. Now, that does not include the back of the pickup truck, but they could be persuaded to consider the backseat of your Sikorsky Helicopter! Just make sure someone remembers to pilot.

No, Scorpio does not expect you to have a diploma from Kamasutra University, but they expect you to have the charm and charisma of James Bond. Yes, Scorpio is not for everyone!

Scorpio Best Matches

Pisces and Cancer

The Scorpio Boss

Scorpio boss is a born leader. There is no company that they cannot lead, no problems they cannot fix, no crisis that they cannot navigate. They are also a merciless and unforgiving boss, who will not hesitate to fire the entire workforce and hire afresh if the situation so demands. The Scorpio boss will bulldoze any union that dares to challenge them.

 If your boss is a Scorpio, take a deep breath, and follow orders, as best as you can, as fast as you can, make sure that you understand what their goals are. If you do not know, ask them, so that you do your job properly in a way that helps fulfil those visions. Do that, and your Scorpio boss will ensure that you rise in the ranks of the company.

The Scorpio Worker

The Scorpio worker is hard working, they are the worker bee of the zodiac, they will do everything that is entrusted to them and come back for more work. If your orders are dumb, they may tell you that to your face, do not fire them for that. Rather, accept their honesty and forthrightness along with their hard work and integrity.

Scorpio does expect to be rewarded for their honesty and loyalty and back-breaking hard work. If you pass them over for a promotion that they deserve, they won't hang around in your company very long. And your loss will be someone else's gain.

Scorpio and Money

Multitalented Scorpio can make a lot of money. It may not happen overnight, but it will come. Scorpio's combination of ambition, talent, intellect, and willingness to work hard, plus their inborn charisma and personal magnetism will take them to the top sooner or later. The only catch is that Scorpio may have already spent it all by the time it hits their bank account. So try to cultivate the habit of thrift. Money does not grow on trees, and even if it did, those trees would be so high maintenance that it would still be tricky to hold on to that profit margin.

You value money because no matter what they say, money can get you a lot of things on this earth. And Scorpio understands this clearly. Even the good folks who say 'money is the root of all evil' want money, and lots of it.

Scorpio and Food

Food is not the most important thing in the world for Scorpio, but they like to eat well. They like a bit of spicy food now and then but for the most part, something that keeps hunger away and doesn't taste too bad.

Scorpio Symbol: The Scorpion

Ruling planet: Mars               

Lucky element: Water               

Lucky colours: Red

Lucky stones: Topaz

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