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Your Positive qualities:

Determination and perseverance in the face of odds

Your Negative qualities:

Stubbornness and lack of flexibility

Taurus Personality Profile and Characteristics

Taurus is caring and affectionate towards the ones that matter to him or her. This can occasionally exacerbate into a desire to control the object of affection.

Taurus's warmheartedness may come across as excessive smothering and may not be what is suitable for healthy interpersonal relations.

This sign will suppress his or her real emotions and present a new exterior that betrays the storms raging inside. This is not always wise because others will misinterpret this lack of an emotional response as the absence of feelings.

They are very trusting of others, but this can easily evolve into fault finding and criticism when the other person does not live up to the level of trust and expectations.

Taurus is very organised and systematic, which is a good thing. But too much of anything can be harmful, and some others may view this as obsessive-compulsive traits.

This sign has the ability to be calm and cool in a crisis, which may be misinterpreted as inaction or inability to handle the crisis.

Taurus can be single-minded in the pursuit of his or her goals, sometimes overlooking self-evident truths and facts that contradict the path that has been chosen. It is always a good idea to step back a bit and re-think the whole game plan when things are not going well.

Taurus is quite artistic and original; some degree of eccentricity goes with this creative nature.

The Taurus Man's characteristics

You are a born lighter in every sense of the world. You are intensely independent when working. You go to extremes in all things and are frank and outspoken.  You have enormous ambitions. There is a strong tendency for you to be unhappy in your domestic life. You have tremendous willpower. You tend to be impatient for things to develop. Your greatest happiness comes from work.

The Taurus Woman's characteristics

You are strong, frank, outspoken and beautiful. You love taking care of your family. You don't like interfering in someone else's matters. You respect authority and love discipline. You believe that there is a place for everything and everything has to be in its place. Your strength of character will help bring you success in all things.

How to turn on and seduce a Taurus

The long and short of this is that the promise of stability if it is credible enough, can get Taurus interested enough in you. Taurus expects a decent and comfortable life, with some luxuries at least. Taurus loves to receive gifts of quality. So get that chequebook out! Taurus is unlikely to go on a date with McScrooge. Food is an essential part of courting Taurus. So if you are on cucumbers and water diet, Taurus may not be the one for you.

Taurus loves to receive gifts of quality.

How to win a Taurus's lasting love

Taurus wants stability in life. Unlikely that a bungee jumping date will impress him or her into wanting to be with you forever. You have to be able to show Taurus convincingly that you are capable of providing the stability and predictability that Taurus wants. Taurus wants to be sure that whatever is being built, whether it is a hut or a mansion, is built on solid rock, and not on sand. Taurus has the weird habit of remembering important anniversaries and dates, so if you want to impress Taurus, buy yourself a pocket organiser or at least a notebook and pencil. Taurus is very loyal and expects loyalty from you, so he or she needs to see proof that you are the type that is loyal and not just looking to sow some wild oats.

Taurus and Sex and Relationships

Taurus can be very needy, and some may even consider Tauruses to be insatiable. Taurus may not strike others as the typical nymphomaniac, but his or her bedroom demands may be too much for some people. But if the partner has enough staying power, and the ability to perform sexual marathons, this could work out great. Taurus expects foreplay, so the partner better read up on some 'foreplay for dummies'. Taurus does not like lovemaking in unsafe environments, such as the backseat or behind the mulberry bush. Taurus would rather make out in the comfort of a five-star hotel room.  Afterwards, Taurus expects some compliments, so if the partner is wise, he or she better say something nice!

Taurus Best Matches

Virgo and Capricorn

The Taurus Boss

The Taurus boss will find out precisely what you are doing. So if you are surfing on the Internet while you are supposed to be making the sales projections for the next 6 months, you can bet that they will find out all about it. And never think you can fudge the figures with the Taurus boss, they know their arithmetic! You cannot impress the Taurus boss with bullshitting or trying to do things too fast. Just do things correctly and on time, and don't pick fights with the boss, and everything will be fine.

The Taurus Worker

The Taurus worker is reliable and dependable, trustworthy as a bull! But they expect total job security. This sign will do anything for its company, but they expect the company to reciprocate that sentiment. And they will go wherever they are most likely to find job security. The Taurus worker does not like a haphazard workplace. They will follow the rules and do things by the book, but then there better be consistent rules. Taurus does not do well in anarchic environments. Taurus likes orderliness.

The Taurus Child

The Taurus child tends to be rather stubborn. He or she may not mix easily with other kids. He or she may even be a little introverted. But do not underestimate them because of that. Your Taurus child is very capable of taking care of things. Teach them how to do things, and then step back and watch as they work wonders. The Taurus child forms a close relationship with nature. Encourage them, take them on a trip to the zoo. The Taurus child may be very quiet and not showy at all, but there is depth in that quietness.

Taurus and Money

Taurus does not believe in or fall for any get-rich-quick schemes. Taurus knows how to save money and how to plan and budget. Taurus is not ashamed to live within their means. Tauruses make good financial advisors because they are unlikely to be involved in any wacky and risky financial stuff.

Taurus and Food

You love food, and that is an understatement! And you like rich, good food, gourmet dinners every night would be your way of life if it were possible.

You have a particular liking for imported food and food from foreign lands. Be careful that your love of food does not transform into a health problem. The best way to handle it would be to combine your enjoyment of food with consistent participation in an exercise or other physical activities that will help you maintain a healthy balance.

Taurus Symbol: The Bull

Ruling planet: Venus               

Lucky element: Water 

Lucky colours: Brown, Orange

Your Lucky stones: Diamonds

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