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Virgo sign personality.

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Your Positive qualities:

Analytical, methodical, detail-oriented

Your Negative qualities:

Criticizing others and self, self-esteem problems

Virgo Personality Profile and Characteristics

Virgos tend to be misunderstood a lot because they also tend to be unusual and maybe even a bit eccentric. This comes from Virgo's ever-active mind and intellect.

Virgo is analytical of everything that he or she sees. This may manifest in a very constructive manner whereby everyone gets input on how to make things better. At the same time, unfortunately, the analytical process may deteriorate into criticism of everything, until others just steer clear of what is perceived as excessive and impractical negativity.

Virgo is hardworking and methodical, which is great for everyday life, where practical details need to be taken care of. At the same time, Virgos may not show a lot of spontaneity and this could impact the way in which their efforts are perceived.

They are not good at showcasing their efforts and hard work, and as a consequence, they may be overlooked when it comes to giving credit or promotions. This is not an insurmountable problem. Virgo just needs to figure out how to draw some attention, without making it too uncomfortable on themselves. Virgo is naturally modest and humble.

Virgo tends to be secretive, and generally, this is with good intentions. But this can also cause a lot of unfounded suspicion and mistrust from others who may convince themselves that you are trying to hide something.

Virgo worries a lot about pretty much everything. This can be good or bad. It may be good when it leads to more planning and getting things done. But this kind of doomsday thinking may antagonize family members or friends who would prefer things to be in a lighter vein. After a hard day at work, the spouse may not be in the mood for a dose of gloom before bed.

They are quiet and keep things to themselves. They may open up only to very few people, and they treasure those few friendships that they have. Those friends can count on Virgo to give good advice, even though the advice may be on the depressing side.

Virgo can make life much easier for themselves if they minimize fault finding. This skill, however, may be a great asset if you are in an occupation that involves fault finding, such as a committee that oversees quality control. Virgo would be the perfect person to supervise infection control and nursing standards in a hospital or nursing home.

This sign expects others also to give their best, and furthermore, they expect them to stick to the rules and norms. Do not expect Virgo to co-operate with some untested idea on how to save the world.

Virgo believes in discipline, and they are very disciplined. They have no sympathy for others who flout the rules and defy authority. 

The people born in this section are naturally attracted to strong personalities. 

They are overflowing with sympathy and are generally generous to a fault.  The positive results of this may, however, be compromised by the faultfinding and criticism even if done with the best of intentions.

Virgo is truthful and honest. They are usually lucky in money matters. 

Virgo craves true love above all and unfortunately, this is the one thing they seldom get.

They are intensely proud and very independent. They are also extremely patient and long-suffering.

Virgos make enemies by their frankness of speech and by not using any diplomacy or tact in what they say.

Virgos stick longer and with more continuity to whatever profession or career they adopt. 

They are practical in their views of life. They love what is new in everything and perhaps, for this reason, they love to travel and change.

The Virgo Man's characteristics

The Virgo man lives for his responsibilities. Others can count on him that no matter how difficult it is, he will take care of all obligations. The Virgo man is very charitable and likes to help others in need. His efforts may, however, be hampered by his criticism of others and constant fault-finding. Virgo may be doing this with good intentions, but the outcome will be anything but good. It is hard for Virgo to get rid of the habit of criticising others, but if that can be accomplished, the sky is the limit as to how far the Virgo man can go.

He has problems relaxing and letting go of things. He needs to have his hands on every button of every project, not because he wants to control things, but because he wants no detail to be overlooked, he wants every little thing to be taken care of.

He has no tolerance for those who make fun of his responsibility-driven life.

The Virgo Woman's characteristics

The Virgo woman wants to help others. She is compassionate, even though she may not express her feelings openly. And she does her acts of compassion in an orderly and efficient manner. This is the person who could run a red cross mission to an entire country flawlessly.

The Virgo woman is honest and expects everyone else to be the same. She is also very self-sacrificing and will go to great extends to take care of her loved ones and friends.

Whatever she does, she will do it with dedication and sincerity.  She will be very successful in any profession that she chooses, especially professions that involve healthcare or other services for others, where compassion and dedication make all the difference.

The Virgo woman criticises almost everyone and criticizes almost everything, and the effects of this criticism have far-reaching consequences, both on interpersonal relationships as well as the general atmosphere at home or work. No matter what wonderful qualities Virgo may have, and no matter how well-intentioned she may be, this tendency to engage in criticism can be her downfall.

Virgo women are curious puzzles. They are intensely romantic but idealistic in their desires.

Virgo girls are multitalented and beautiful. They love order and discipline in all things. They are also exceptionally independent. 

Virgo girls are devoted and loyal to their spouses.

Virgo women do everything with dedication.

How to turn on and seduce a Virgo

Give the Virgo lots of attention. Be sure to remember anniversaries and birthdays and all kinds of other details that Virgo is so good at remembering. Remember where you sat at the restaurant the last time you went there with them. Remember whether they wanted ice in their soda or not. Remember whether they are allergic to red roses. Remember to remember every little detail about their likes and dislikes and you got it! They expect you to be dignified in public, so forget about the gropings you may have done in the past. And when you finally get that date, do not pork out on the biggest item on their menu. Your Virgo is very health conscious and they cannot stand a pig who will wallow in cholesterol.

Your Virgo is very conservative, so don't plan any monkey business, don't pull any fast moves, be honest, upfront, and be sensitive to their feelings and their ever-present analytical thinking.

How to win a Virgo's lasting love

Your Virgo needs someone who has the patience of an ox. Someone who will not be upset or irritated even if they analyse and criticize all day long. Someone who is big enough to see the good intentions and understand that Virgo is looking out for your wellbeing. Virgo needs someone who is organized and meticulous.

The Virgo woman is not looking for a guy-gone-wild. She is looking for a solid, sympathetic and kind partner who will build her up and not tear her down. She expects you to keep her secrets and not discuss your love life with others.

Again remember, you have to find a way to remember her little likes and dislikes and preferences, and you have to have some level of organization in your own life. She will not step into chaos, so if you are Mr.Chaos, it is time to move on.

Virgo and Sex and Relationships

Virgo tends to be submissive in this field. Virgo wants sex to be performed like it was a violin performance, slow, sweet, soulful. They have no interest in anything crude. Once you know how to play their strings, they will make the kind of melody that will make a violin blush. Don't forget to pay compliments. Praise her or him on the looks. Praise them on how good it feels, and how amazing it is. 

Virgo can be really turned off if you try to speed up things. Foreplay is a must. If you have to, get yourself a few books on foreplay, read them and study them, and figure out how to do it properly.  It is lovemaking! it takes some skill, it is not like ordering a beer.

Virgo Best Matches

Capricorn and Taurus

The Virgo Boss

The Virgo Boss can handle the most difficult projects and deliver on time, without errors. This is a Virgo talent. If you have entrusted a massive and complicated project to a Virgo manager you can rest easy, it will be taken care of! Make sure you give them enough powers to hire and fire. They won't tolerate any kind of goof ups from their subordinates.

The Virgo boss will tell you exactly what they think about your performance. And when they do that, many employees will be reaching for the tissues. That does not mean they are ruthless. That just means that the Virgo boss expects quality and thoroughness. They pay attention to every detail, so you cannot impress them by skipping over the 'little things'. The Virgo boss is a firm believer in axioms such as 'for want of a nail the kingdom was lost', and goes through great pains to make sure that there are no loose ends. With them around, make sure that you are not the weakest link!

The Virgo Worker

The Virgo worker is your dream come true. Just be sure to give them clear and specific instructions and they will follow it to the letter. Let them know every detail of what you want doing. They won't respect a boss who is shoddy with their work. If your business is kind of disorganized you can confidently seek their help in getting things organized.

A Virgo worker could be your best right-hand colleague. They will organize your professional life for you and give you enough breathing space so that you can do all those things you want to do. Show them that you appreciate what they are doing. And for God's sake, be open to any criticism they offer, they mean well!

Your Virgo worker will be very cautious about any new ventures that your company is undertaking. They would prefer for you to continue doing a good job with what you have right now rather than spread your tentacles further and potentially overstretch yourself.

Single Virgo Child

The Virgo child may be shy and modest. But that modest outside hides a phenomenal brain. The Virgo is likely to excel at school. Your role is to encourage and applaud and give the ground support they need. Whatever you do, do not make fun of them. They may be analysing themselves much, so anything negative you say about her may cause problems.

Virgo and Money

Your ability to think through the details puts you in a position of great advantage. But do not allow your analysis to paralyse your ability to act. While it is great to think before you act, don't forget that if you hesitate too long, opportunities will pass you by. This is not to say that you should give up your analytical habits, this merely means that you should bear in mind that time could pass you by and opportunities may not knock twice.

You will forever be giving unwanted advice to others. You will need to accept the fact that you cannot save the world, people have their own ways of doing their things, and while they are interested in hearing your advice, they may not like the critical tone, and they don't want to be told the same thing repeatedly.

Virgo and Food

Virgo is very health conscious and knows exactly what kind of food is good for them. They may also express critical opinions about different foods, which may not always be music to the ears of family and friends, whose tastes in food may differ. You will be long-lived and healthy, but remember to respect others' right to choose what they want to eat, no matter how unhealthy it may be.

Virgo Symbol: The Virgin

Ruling planet: Mercury         

Lucky element: Fire        

Lucky colours: Orange            

Lucky stones: Agate

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