Horoscope for 2 December 2019

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horoscope 2 december
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Aries21 Mar - 19 Apr

Plan changes ahead of you, be more confident at work and avoid comparing lives.

Taurus20 Apr - 20 May

This is the perfect moment to open a savings account or join a pension scheme.

Gemini21 May - 20 Jun

You have to learn to view the past without getting stuck thinking it was better.

Cancer21 Jun - 22 Jul

Be ready for some personal discomfort inside while discovering the power of storytelling.

Leo23 Jul - 23 Aug

Look for a space where you could be by yourself and enjoy your hobbies and guilty pleasures.

Virgo24 Aug - 22 Sep

You don’t need to take supplements, a balanced diet will provide everything you need.

Libra23 Sep - 22 Oct

Control your selfish attitude; otherwise, it'll distance you from your partner!

Scorpio23 Oct - 21 Nov

The position of the stars shows it’s a good time to give your finances a positive turn.

Sagittarius22 Nov - 21 Dec

You'll make crucialdecisions. Don’t let your heart decide, think rationally and you won’t be wrong.

Capricorn22 Dec - 19 Jan

The way you communicate with your partner is refined and becomes quite subtle.

Aquarius20 Jan - 19 Feb

Your love life will occupy the first place on your list of priorities and that'll please many.

Pisces20 Feb - 20 Mar

It's a great time to dedicate to your true vocation by doing a degree, a master’s degree or a doctorate.


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