Horoscope for 2 November 2019

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Aries21 Mar - 19 Apr

Enjoy your romantic bliss, don't mix business and emotions, and work on self-care.

Taurus20 Apr - 20 May

Careful with noise pollution, whether it’s works being carried out, or listen to loud music.

Gemini21 May - 20 Jun

The possibility of losing that special person will push you into a spiral of despair.

Cancer21 Jun - 22 Jul

Discover your emotional truth, stay on track professionally and enjoy a guilt-free day.

Leo23 Jul - 23 Aug

In order to be happy, you need some space in your relationship. Let your partner know that.

Virgo24 Aug - 22 Sep

New month, new you! Take this time to give up bad habits and leave negativity in the past.

Libra23 Sep - 22 Oct

Your positive attitude and charm will attract a special person’s attention!

Scorpio23 Oct - 21 Nov

Take a moment to clean your desk and free up some space in your computer’s hard disk.

Sagittarius22 Nov - 21 Dec

An existential crisis could turn your life upside down. Get ready for a change.

Capricorn22 Dec - 19 Jan

Your feelings will be hurt by the sour words of someone who's close to you.

Aquarius20 Jan - 19 Feb

Communication and small details will make your partner more inclined to please you.

Pisces20 Feb - 20 Mar

You should try practicing sports or workouts that allow you to connect with your spiritual side.


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