Horoscope for 29 December 2019

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Horoscope 29 December 2019
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Aries21 Mar - 19 Apr

Avoid being too nosy when giving advice and use your hobbies to take a good break.

Taurus20 Apr - 20 May

The stars’ advice is to avoid those relatives or friends who could be labelled energy vampires.

Gemini21 May - 20 Jun

Trust that all the pain you've felt in the last few days will result in better moments.

Cancer21 Jun - 22 Jul

Break free from society's rules, don't let distress taint your mood, and trust doctors fully.

Leo23 Jul - 23 Aug

Don't get frustrated; sometimes not getting what we want is actually a stroke of luck.

Virgo24 Aug - 22 Sep

Discover your true vocation. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Libra23 Sep - 22 Oct

The more you focus on the present, the better you deal with the events you experience.

Scorpio23 Oct - 21 Nov

You need to connect with your family and spend a day of simplicity and tenderness.

Sagittarius22 Nov - 21 Dec

Feeling positive and in a great mood can help you accomplish some goals today. Take advantage of it!

Capricorn22 Dec - 19 Jan

The notion of time disappears from your heart and you'll enjoy the "here and now".

Aquarius20 Jan - 19 Feb

Never take someone's love for granted, you have to take care of it every day.

Pisces20 Feb - 20 Mar

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