Horoscope for 29 November 2019

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Aries21 Mar - 19 Apr

Add some passion into your love mix, exercise more, and follow the doctor's orders.

Taurus20 Apr - 20 May

To hell with limitations and insecurities. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.

Gemini21 May - 20 Jun

You have to let go if you're trapped in an emotional situation that causes you sadness.

Cancer21 Jun - 22 Jul

Don't be frustrated about not having enough attention and include more dairy in your diet.

Leo23 Jul - 23 Aug

Your demands on your future partner will be so high that no one around you will meet your expectations!

Virgo24 Aug - 22 Sep

You will be quite demanding in your relationships so try to avoid arguments or heated debates today.

Libra23 Sep - 22 Oct

You’ll spend more money than usual, although you know you shouldn’t. Don’t act on impulse!

Scorpio23 Oct - 21 Nov

Get rid of the bad vibes through breathing exercises, learn to breathe from your tummy.

Sagittarius22 Nov - 21 Dec

You feel sociable and loving. It’s a great day to surround yourself with your loved ones.

Capricorn22 Dec - 19 Jan

Appreciating love over money will be your salvation. You know how important that is.

Aquarius20 Jan - 19 Feb

You want to do lots of things with your loved ones. Make the most of this energy!

Pisces20 Feb - 20 Mar

It's a great time to get a haircut. The waxing moon will make your hair grow faster and stronger.


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