Horoscope for 9 October 2019

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Aries21 Mar - 19 Apr

Get down hot in bed with your partner, be a bold investor and think green at shopping.

Taurus20 Apr - 20 May

Remember to include proteins in your diet, they keep your bones, muscles and skin healthy.

Gemini21 May - 20 Jun

You’ll find your married life charming and you wouldn’t change your current situation.

Cancer21 Jun - 22 Jul

Be generous in your relationships, and get proper guidance at work and at the gym.

Leo23 Jul - 23 Aug

Open your mind and don’t be afraid to express your sensitivity! Have an honest conversation...

Virgo24 Aug - 22 Sep

Spending time with your loved ones will bring you lots of satisfaction. Don’t hesitate and pick up the phone!

Libra23 Sep - 22 Oct

Stop for a moment and change the order of your priorities. Focus on what really matters.

Scorpio23 Oct - 21 Nov

Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Even if you have an opportunity to badmouth others, don't do it.

Sagittarius22 Nov - 21 Dec

Do you want to be in a relationship? It’s entirely up to you and your attitude!

Capricorn22 Dec - 19 Jan

Pronouncing hurtful words won’t bring any relief and will only make the situation worse.

Aquarius20 Jan - 19 Feb

In your family, you’re very likely to take a trip that can lead to understanding.

Pisces20 Feb - 20 Mar

Perhaps you’re being too extreme with your health routine. You need to find the right balance.


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