Capricorn’s Personality

Learn everything you want to know about Capricorn.
Capricorn's Personality.

Your Positive qualities:

Hard-working, consistent, methodical

Your Negative qualities:

Unhumoristic, reserved, sensitive to criticism

Capricorn Personality Profile and Characteristics

Capricorn is one of the most caring signs of the Zodiac. They want to take care of and protect all of their loved ones. And their loved ones, for the most part, are very appreciative of the care and affection that they get from them, except for some who may find them rather overprotective.

They always have intelligent opinions to offer. These opinions may be misread as sarcasm sometimes. Capricorn has no intent to hurt anyone's feelings, but when they have to deal with wooden-headed people who won't listen to reason, sometimes they have to assume a harsh tone to get the message through.

Capricorn is totally honest and trustworthy. This is the person who is best suited to handle your mutual funds, in that they will never scam you. This is the person to whom you can give your car keys while you are out of town, and they will look out for you.

Capricorn wants to see the details of everything. The 'let us gloss it over' approach will not work with Capricorn, they will ferret out every detail from you.

Capricorn is very patient; they are willing to wait until the hills grow trees. This kind of patience has its benefits, but at the same time, sometimes this kind of waiting does not yield results. It may sometimes be better to display some impatience when everything is taking its sweet time.

Capricorn's biggest strength is all-around responsibility. This is the person whom you can leave in charge and expect regular feedback on what is happening at the office. They are driven to take care of things, and will never waste time or anything else that is valuable. Capricorn is a custom mode for the corporate world. Systematic, patient, realistic and able to take on tremendous responsibilities.

Capricorn knows how to plan intelligently. They have the unique ability to see the 'big picture'. This makes all the difference in the world especially considering that the majority of people are singularly unable to see the big picture.

Capricorn is very disciplined and can carry on in the face of disappointments or defeats. They, however, may feel very discouraged but won’t show it outwardly. They make the perfect general in that no matter what they will inspire the troops, they have the ability to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat.

Capricorns are incredibly hardworking. They may not have the dynamism and charisma and sizzle of some people, but what they have is rock solid skills and the ability and willingness to dig their heels in and slug it out. They are capable of working long hours on that project that may take a year or two to finish. They have calm, dogged patience which can be the envy of many others who are jumping up and down impatiently.

Capricorn will be very successful in their chosen fields, thanks to their persistence and hard work. Many successful Capricorn men and women have inspirational tales to tell us, of how they climbed up the ladder by sheer grit and determination, in the face of very adverse circumstances. Their success gives hope and inspiration to many others because most of us do not have special connections or endless money to succeed in life.

Despite all of the strong points, Capricorn has several deep unspoken fears that they won’t discuss with anyone. In fact, they don’t express their feelings much with anyone. They sometimes express themselves with irony and sarcasm, instead of telling people what they really want to tell them. This comes from Capricorn's sense of self-discipline.

Setbacks at home or at work seriously dampen Capricorn's spirits. They can become depressed and just mope around. Some type of 'fear of the future' seems to haunt Capricorns, partly because they understand the realities of everyday life. They don't have any of the illogical exuberance that many of us have, which help us through tough times.

Capricorns can be very effective leaders, because of their dogged persistence, their goal orientedness and their practical approach to all things. Employees begin to believe that the boss will 'find a way'. That is also a big image to live up to.

Capricorn engages in a lot of self-criticisms, which to some extent accounts for their melancholy temperament. They tend to be their own worst critic, picking up errors that no one else has noticed. This quest to improve themselves could be a great exercise, except that in Capricorn's case it also causes a lot of sorrow and depression.

Capricorn has a lot of admirers and a lot of people trying to replicate their model of success. Capricorn would be great at writing an inspirational book on any topic, their attitude to life is the type that can give even a person on a deserted island hope for the future.

Capricorn, as a rule, has a lot of unfulfilled wishes and dreams, and this could lead to a feeling of discontent and sadness as time marches on. This is all the more reason that despite the hectic schedule of work and other obligations, Capricorn needs to set aside some time to fulfil cherished longstanding dreams. Some of these may relate to the romantic field, some dreams may relate to hobbies or other part-time activities.

Capricorn is ever helpful to their friends, and could even be a bit overprotective of them. They may find it irritating at times, while at the same time feeling touched by the way in which Capricorn selflessly looks out for them.

Capricorn likes for everything to have a routine, something nice and predictable. This makes it harder for them to adapt to newer things, and it causes a lot of heartburn when the workplace is changing, especially when they have to put up with some new upstart boss bursting with ideas to save the world.

Capricorn believes in taking a cautious approach to everything, they believe in looking both ways before crossing a one-way street. This kind of carefulness yields dividends but at the same time, Capricorn may not be the right person when it comes to fields where quick split-second decisions need to be made with courage.

The Capricorn Man's characteristics

Capricorn men are very practical, they are goal-oriented and have no time for anything that distracts from that. Some Capricorns are incredibly ambitious and driven, never satisfied with anything they have, they strive to reach higher and higher goals, sort of following the Olympic motto of 'faster, stronger, higher'. At the same time, he dislikes any changes to his regular routine.

Capricorn is the kind of guy who would rather stay in his small town in rural Kansas and build his own internet business from there rather than travel to Redmond WA for that high-flying job. He is very attached to his roots, and to his friends, and to the world that he knows, and he loves that world, and he knows that no matter how much greener the grass looks on the other side, it cannot beat the green grass of his hometown.

Some Capricorns manage to strike a balance between their dual needs and keep what they have and still conquer new domains. Capricorn is likely to be happiest when they are able to balance two contrasting worlds, such as living on a farm and getting woken up by the rooster, and then driving 30 miles to the office in the nearby town, where he drives the business with the ruthlessness of a Viking captain.

His determination and methodical nature will take him to great heights and there isn't much that he cannot achieve. One of his strong points is that he understands that nothing can ever be perfect, he knows how to make the best of imperfect tools and imperfect circumstances and get the best results with whatever time is available. This is what sets him aside from others who will complain about all the problems and how they have dumb employees and dull tools and evil bankers and so on. Capricorn will train his employees to read and write if needed, he is the kind of guy who can turn iron into gold.

The Capricorn Woman's characteristics

Capricorn women make wonderful wives and mothers. They are nurturing in the true sense of the word. They will watch out for you and watch over you in a way that not many people can. At times it may seem overprotective, but there are many who would envy the man with a Capricorn wife.

She is a woman of many talents, give her a starter house and a couple of hundred dollars, and she will make it into a sweet home that even Martha Stewart would envy. She is worth her weight in gold, so if you have a Capricorn woman in your life, hang on to her.

Capricorn women do well career-wise. Their hard work and determination will win the admiration of any boss worth his salt. On top of that, she has considerable diplomatic skills that help her navigate the treacherous corporate waters with ease. No matter how hard things are, she knows how to smile, and in today's corporate world that is a major skill that can take you places.

Capricorn woman is a wonderful friend to have. She has wisdom and insight into things, and this along with her innate love for others makes her the best shoulder on which to unload your sorrows.

She may appear stern and unapproachable at times, but behind that facade, there is a warm heart that will help anyone.

The one thing that will earn you the wrath of a Capricorn woman is to ridicule her in any way. That she will not tolerate. She works hard, she takes care of all of her responsibilities, she cares for others and overall it has not been easy for her. You should always be considerate of someone like that.

Capricorn Child

Capricorn children are determined and stubborn, they always want to have their way. They are mature and will take on responsibilities that may be beyond their years.

They will show a preference to engage in tasks that adults do such as earning a living for the family. Their methodical nature means that they will excel at school. They may not be very participating in typical childhood activities and they may not have a lot of friends, but they will still have many admirers due to the fact that they tend to excel in school.

Parents can make the Capricorn child very happy by giving them more responsibilities, but they should still allow them to have a regular childhood as much as possible.

How to turn on and seduce a Capricorn

The key is to be patient. You have to brace for the long haul, do not expect quick results. You have to show them that you are serious and committed to them and that this is not a one-night or one-week or one-year deal. Remember, they are very intelligent. They could look at what kinds of jobs you have been working on, and figure out that someone who jumps to a new job every 6 months cannot be expected to be in a committed relationship.

Capricorn expects you to be mature and act your age. Don't try any weird antics, it will not work. They want a responsible and dependable person. Some romance is good, but the key is to come across as responsible at the same time.

Capricorn values security in all things, and love is no exception. They expect security at home, and they expect faithfulness from their partner. They also expect that their partner will respect their need for privacy and not blabber too much about their relationship.

Capricorn's Personality in Love

How to win a Capricorn's lasting love

Give it time, and more time and more time. It is sort of like planting an oak tree. It takes time to grow, but whatever grows will stand there forever.

Once you show them that you genuinely respect them, and their career choices and their family situation and their lifestyle, they will slowly open up to you. They need to be reassured that you are stable and that with you, they will be better off in 5 years than now, and that they won't have to file for a divorce in five years.

Capricorn wants to build on solid rock, they will absolutely refuse to build anything on terrain that looks sandy. So, if you have a record of 5 divorces in your past and you whacked your last wife on her nose, chances are Capricorn will give you your marching orders.

Do not expect Capricorn to make any dramatic declarations of love. Actions are worth more than words to the Capricorn. You will see in their actions if they love you, and they expect to see the same in your actions. And that is not an easy thing to do, unlike a mindless repetition of 'I love you'.

Show Capricorn that you are compassionate and that you care for other human beings, and especially you care for their wellbeing.

Capricorn may be very slow to respond to you, no matter what you do. Whatever you do, do not ridicule anything they do. They are very sensitive and protective of their work and accomplishments, no matter how humble they may be. Show them that you respect them and everything that they stand for, and that in themselves there is the royal road to their heart. Learn to participate meaningfully in things that are important to them. If they like reading books, consider a date at the library, and show them that you indeed know how to read!

Capricorn and Sex and Relationships

Capricorn will not tell you anything about his or her sexual needs, he or she expects you to figure it out accurately. She likes the kind of man who will make dinner for her that evening and actually wash the dishes too. Someone who won't just plop over after lovemaking and start snoring; but will get up and check the kitchen lights, make sure the clothes in the washing machine have been put in the dryer etc. These are small things that show you are nurturing, and Capricorn wants to make love with someone who is caring and nurturing.

Capricorn wants to have some control over the act of lovemaking, do not expect him or her to be in a submissive role, Capricorn expects equality. And do not do anything boorish, she expects you to be a perfect gentleman, even with your clothes off. So, hold that door open for her, and tweak those pillows for her.

Capricorn Best Matches

Taurus, Virgo

The Capricorn Boss

The Capricorn bosses always know what they are doing. Do a good job and they will treat you fairly. Do not expect them to invite you to dinner or be chummy with you. Try to avoid any kind of criticism of the Capricorn boss. They are very sensitive to criticism, and even if they don’t say anything, their simmering anger will find its way to your employee evaluation files.

They believe in leading by example. They are capable of incredible amounts of hard work, under any circumstances, and they don’t mind working long hours, they expect their employees to be able and willing to do the same.

They are methodical, and they hate any kind of weird things at work. They don’t like any surprises. they want everything to work the way it was designed for, and they want everyone to work according to their work descriptions.

The Capricorn boss will not forgive your mistakes, so high alert while they’re around! If you make a mistake, do not hide it, find out instead why it happened, and then figure out a way to ensure that it will not happen again and explain to your boss those ideas. 

The Capricorn Worker

The Capricorn worker is hard working and dedicated. They know how to follow instructions. They will follow every little detail on the company instruction sheet. They are the ultimate employee that the boss hopes to find.

They are ambitious and expect to be rewarded for their hard work. They really want to climb up the career ladder and they are willing to do whatever it takes. They will work overtime or extra overtime or whatever. You will not find a more driven employee than a Capricorn.

At times they may feel that others are not cooperating fully with them. This may be partly because Capricorn will follow every protocol and every rule there is, and others may resent this.

They may not participate in company events or parties, but do not hold that against them. They don’t open up to everyone, and that is just the way it is. Respect their wishes, and let them be.

Compliment them honestly for work well done, and make sure they know that the company does notice the great job that they are doing.

Capricorn and Money

Your hard work and conservative approach to business and money will take you to the top. It will be slow but steady progress. Your talents will get the attention of the business world, and you will not have any shortage of employment opportunities.

Capricorn and Food

Capricorn has no interest in freaky foods or exotic foods. They want it to be wholesome, nutritious, and healthy. They would rather cook it themselves if they had the time. Capricorn does not like the idea of unhealthy and overpriced restaurant foods and fast food.

Capricorn Symbol: The Goat

Ruling planet:  Saturn            

Lucky element:  Earth      

Lucky colours:  Black

Lucky stones: Moonstone

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